Bully Max Side Effects, Does Bully Max Work

Does Bully Max Work? Bully Max Side Effects and other things you should know. Bully Max is a product that is designed to gain  muscle mass on your dogs. It is especially beneficial to dogs that you have for show purposes. Just like humans, a muscle building supplement alone will not get you results. You will need to exercise and eat right along with these supplements. You dog should be fed a varied diet containing mostly meat. From my personal experience, I can safely say Bully Max works! but it is not that simple as adding this to your dog’s diet.

Bully Max Diet, Bully Max Side Effects

Before getting your dog started with Bully Max, put your dog on mostly raw diet. Any dog enthusiasts will tell you that the best food for your dog is raw meat. I myself feed my Pit Bull Terrier raw meat with great results. There is nothing like natural protein, you need to also mix raw meats with vegetables
bully max side effectssuch as broccoli to provide a varied diet. My American Pit Bull Terrier loves to eat boiled broccoli, different dogs may like different veggies but try them all. A lot of dogs like carrots as well in their diet. After their diet every day you can give them the chew able Bully max tablets to snack on. I haven’t noted any sign of Bully max side effects with any of my dogs. However, I have closely followed the recommended dosage below.

Recommended dosage for the product are as follows:

  • For canines under ten pounds give half a tablet everyday
  • For canines over ten pounds give one to two tablets everyday
  • For sick and canines going through pregnancy under ten pounds give one tablet daily
  • For sick, pregnant canine over ten pounds give two tablets daily.

Buying Bully Max

When buying the Bully max supplement, be sure to at least get the 240 capsules for $70. The reason being, muscle building isn’t done overnight. It will take some time for the results to develop. You would be wasting money on the 2 months supply. Once your dog is up there with their results you can either cut back or keep them on the raw diet I mentioned above. Bully Max is a product worth buying because it does provide results. You can see the video results of a Pit Bull on Bully max below and see for yourself. These results were taken within 30 days of the supplement and it is nowhere close to its maximum potential.

Bully Max Results Video

This dog is an American Pit Bull Terrier with the bloodlines of Razor’s Edge and Camelot bloodline. The Camelot blood line gives the dog its height. This is a female Pit Bull Terrier in the video so you will not see her get as big as male would. I haven’t noted any Bully Max side effects with my dogs, they are happy and vibrant as ever. Many online reviews are saying how great Bully Max worked for them and from personally trying this product, I can say myself it works! However my results are based on the raw diet described in this article, follow it and you should get the same results or better.

Does Bully Max Work for Pit Bulls?