Doberman Pit Bull Mix, Doberman Pinscher Mixed Puppies

A Doberman Pit Bull mix is often called Dober Pit or Pit Pinscher but in the end of the day it is still a mutt. I wouldn’t personally recommend breeding these dogs together as a lot of them end up in shelters. Don’t ever let someone sell you one of these puppies for a ridiculous price, go to your local shelter and adopt one instead. If you already own a Doberman Pit Bull mix or plan to get one this article will be helpful in better understanding them.

Where else can I get a Doberman Pit Bull Mix puppy?

You can often find them in classified sites. I know many people who are against this method of puppy buying for two very important reasons. The first one is that they are usually from backyard breeders who is looking to make a profit. Secondly, people believe that if others stop buying puppies from backyard breeders the business will stop on its own. My approach however differs from both of these views.doberman pit mix

If I were to find a Doberman Pit Bull mix puppy in a classified website, I would surely purchase him however i will never pay the asking price. If I don’t do this, I know this poor puppy will end up in a shelter or be killed. If do purchase him or her at a very low price, the backyard breeder will not see much profit and the business will come to a halt.

How will my Doberman Pit Bull mix Puppy look and act fully grown?

Your Pit Pinscher will have a taller appearance than normal Pit Bull’s and weigh about 70-90 pounds.
Pit Bull’s and Dobermans have a maximum lifespan of 14 years so you can also expect a similar lifespan for your Pit Pinscher. The Doberman Pit Bull mix will shed minimally and will have a low grooming requirement like their parents. Your Pit Bull mixed puppy will have a high prey drive and may be aggressive to other dogs or animals so early training is necessary. These dogs will pay well with family members as long as they are made understood their place in the pack. Cross breeding these dogs will not bring about any aggressive tendencies. They are however high energy dogs so be ready to spend some time with them.

What do I feed my Doberman Pinscher Pit Bull Mix?

Recently a lot of dog foods made in China were being recalled due to chemical contaminants or salmonella so I advise you to do your research when selecting dog foods. Dobermans are known for bloating so be sure to give your Pit Pinscher “quiet time” in their crate after a meal if your pup inherited this problem.
Doberman Pit Bull Mix

Your Doberman Pit Bull mix should be fed a quality dog food like  Orijen which is made by a Canadian manufacturer. They make Orijen for puppies, adults and senior dogs which makes it easy to stick with them as your dog ages. Orijen understands that your dog requires mostly a carnivorous diet with minimal fruits and veggies added in.

Even though Orijen dog foods are pricey, I’ve had great success with them in the past. One of the reasons I highly recommend them is that they grow their own ingredients for the dog food locally and prepares them as well. My own Pit Bull Terrier grew up on this dog food and she is a very healthy dog.

Your Doberman Pit Bull mix will make a wonderful companion for a long time to come. They do require a good pack leader that understands their needs and can exercise them daily. They will also make great guard dogs naturally. Here are some beautiful pictures of of Doberman Terriers. Please submit pictures of your own mixed dogs by joining our forum.