Pit Bull Mastiff Mix Dogs

Pit bull Mastiff mix dogs are known as an American Bandogge, they are massive in size but retains some of the Pit bull’s characteristics making it the ultimate combination. The term Bandogge is a little confusing as the offspring can be of different breeds within the same family. For example, American Pit Bull terrier mixed with an English Mastiff, A bull dog mixed with an English Mastiff, Stafford-shire terrier mixed with a Neapolitan Mastiff etc. I do not how ever like to call them hybrids because the the mother and father of a Bandogge is off the same species and shares the Wolves ancestry. Hence it is the sole reason that made me change this sites name to Mastiff Mixed instead of Mastiff Hybrid dogs. Here is a question that is often asked by many, If I breed a Pit Bull with a Mastiff will I get a Bull Mastiff? The answer is no and Bull Mastiffs have established a breed of their own. The breeding of these dogs exist through reputable breeders who know what they are doing and those who are inexperienced like backyard breeders so be sure to do your research when getting a puppy.

History of the Pit Bull Mastiff Mix Dogs ..

The history of the Bandogge even leads back to the 1500′s and said to be originated from England so it is not a new mix of dogs as many may think. They are basically working dogs and created for the purpose of guarding, they would be chained up during the day time and would be let out at night to

Pit Bull Mastiff Mix dogs

protect the owner and property. It is important to know that breeds such as the Presa Canario and cane Corso are ban dogs that gained a name for themselves and established their own breed. The dogs that are not yet established their own breed is still known as Bandogs.

Caring for a Pit Bull Mastiff Mix Dogs ..

The Pit Bull Mastiff Mix, a dog that can easily weigh up to 100 pounds is an ideal guard dog that is aloof of strangers. These dogs require assertive and dominance on your part and are normally recommend for the experienced dog owner. You can socialize a mastiff and pit bull mix to be even tempered but they will still greet strangers with polite aloofness as it is naturally bred into them. If you breed a bull mastiff and pit bull, the result is a very good guard dog. The bull Mastiff is alert of their surroundings and they can detect dangerous occurrences and out of the normal. You don’t generally hear too many people complaining about training Mastiff’s they are indeed gentle giants and are easy to train.

Health problems in Pit Bull Mastiff Mix Dogs ..

As with most large breeds joint problems are a pain, hip dysplasia, tumors and bloat can also affect these dogs. The Pit Bull however is generally a healthy breed and the chances are may be reduced in the Bandogge pup. Their lifespan is said to be around 10 years but being an offspring of Pit bull as well, it is possible to attain a few more years. It is possible to avoid a lot of problems by having them in a raw diet, raw diet will keep them lean and thriving. Commercial foods can make the Pit Bull Mastiff gain weight easily and no commercial food can compare to raw feeding. It is good to minimize commercial foods to few times a week to insure that the dog is getting all proper nutrients. The Ban-dogs are actually a recognized by the ACHC,DDKC,DRA,BBC and DBR.