Canine Owners is a website driven by dog lovers who see dogs be more than just pets but as part of the family. We do not discriminate between dog types whether they are mutts or purebreds, we even hold discussions on all types of mixed dogs such as Labrabulls, Pitadors, Pitweilers, Mastadors, Huskitas, etc.

Canine Owners

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Our website allows for commentary under each of our blog posts. You are welcome to also register on our Canine Group and ask away any questions that you may have regarding dog care, dog health, dog breeds, and more. Members often start their own discussions and answer other’s questions in our FaceBook group. We welcome you to share your pet’s videos and pictures with us today!

Our blog will bring you up-to-date information on everything you need to know about dog care including dog foods, dog food recalls, dog rescue information, and more. You can subscribe to our dog blog below if you are on a mobile device and to the right if you are on a desktop computer.

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