All about Daniff Dogs, Great Dane Mixed Breed

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Daniff dogs are Offspring’s of Great Danes and other Mastiff dogs. Did you know that the Great Dane is considered a giant breed dog? Most Daniff’s look similar to the Great Dane used for breeding but a little thicker depending on the Mastiff. You can often tell a Daniff apart quite easily as they look like a thicker Great Dane.

The Great Dane is not a healthy breed and they have short lifespans, an average Great Dane can only live under 10 years of age. The Daniff however is a healthier line with a lifespan up to 12 years or more.

Daniff Dog Personality Traits

The Daniff is a gentle giant despite of their looks, they are very friendly to people in general. They are great for people who are easy going and low key. They pretty much love everyone and does great with children, they are ideal apartment dogs as they rarely bark. They will only bark if absolutely necessary as if to warn you of a stranger. Daniff puppies should be trained early not to jump up on people. If you have other older dogs in the house it may not be a good idea to get a young Daniff as their rough play can hurt the older dog. They are heavy dogs and can easily knock someone down. The Daniff doesn’t need a strong pack leader however they do need a leader who sets behavior rules very clearly. Like with all dogs basic training should be given to a Daniff. They should be taught to sit, stay, come and leave it. They shouldn’t be allowed to beg at the dining table and get on your bed and couch unless you allow it.Daniff

Caring for a Daniff

Like most dogs, Daniff’s reach their maximum growth at an age of 3 years. They will be very large dogs weighing over 130 – 200 pounds. It is a good idea to keep them at an ideal weight of around 130 so that they don’t develop bone problems. It is not surprising for a Daniff to grow over 30 inches in height although females will be shorter. Good luck trying to keep away something from this dog’s reach. You must consider the expenses, caring for a giant breed dog before planning on getting this mixed breed. It is not surprising for Daniff puppies to weigh up to 50 pounds in just 4 months, they will grow very quickly on a good diet. When it comes to maintenance and grooming this mix is awesome as they are very easy to groom. Always get your puppy get used to getting its nails trimmed at a young age so it won’t be a difficult chore for you as they get older. It is very hard and unsafe to wrestle this dog down just to cut his nails as an adult. Feed the Daniff a good quality dog food and as puppies feed them something with an ideal source of protein around 30 percent and not too much. I recommend Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Puppy formula as a starter feed for Daniff puppies.

A slow and steady growth is beneficial to the health of this giant breed. They should be taken for walks everyday as they do enjoy this very much, it also lets you earn the title of pack leader quite easily.

Daniff Breeders

There are many Daniff breeders out there but finding one that is off quality is hard. A good breeder will ask anywhere from $800 to $1500 for a quality Daniff puppy. You can also check your local shelters for puppies if you are interested in rescues. When you find that reputable Daniff breeder be sure to ask questions such as: How old are the puppies? What health guarantees do you give? Is there any genetic defects in the parents of the puppies? How long have you been breeding? How old were the parents when they were first bred? Asking these questions will get you a better understanding of  the breeder and will help you weed out the backyard breeders. Here is a list of Daniff breeders that you can get your puppy from, I have attached it as a PDF file.

List of Daniff Puppy Breeders

If you have already found a breeder and waiting to get your puppy home, be sure to find a crate large enough to fit a Daniff. You may also want to shop for other items such as feeding plates, food, dog bed etc. You can try Amazon prime 30 days for free to get all that you need for your new giant breed puppy. Amazon prime allows for free two day shipping. Getting ahead of the game and preparing for your puppy’s homecoming will make it a smooth transition for you and your puppy.

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