Behavior Dog Training

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Behavior Dog Training, Can Bad Dogs Change?

Yes, proper training can turn even the most badly behaved dogs into enjoyable pets. It is important to understand no dog is born bad, it is the environment which they grew up in that inflicts behavior change. If the dog had been suffering for a long time, behavior dog training requires a professional dog trainer to correct any issues with your dog. All applicable measures should be exhausted before you decide to put your dog down. Here are some simple issues that you can correct yourself at home.

Barking is one common bad dog behavior that can be altered by dog training.

When your dog barks, you will need to correct him. Make sure you are consistent in your correction, behavior dog trainingso that your dog does not grow confused. Some methods that work are spraying the dog with water when he barks, using an electronic collar that corrects the dog when he barks, and using positive reinforcement when the dog does not bark. One additional method that you can use to stop barking is to fill a can with pebbles and toss it near your dog to startle him. This should cause him to stop barking.

Jumping is another behavior that can be changed by dog training.

When your dog jumps up, lift your knee and step back so that he cannot connect with your body. At the same time, say “No” in a firm voice. Then, quickly assist your dog into a sitting position and get down on his level to greet him. Once you break your dog of the jumping habit, you can keep him from redeveloping this behavior by always kneeling to greet him.

Sitting on furniture is another common behavior that can be altered by dog training.

Remove your dog from the furniture whenever he jumps onto it. You cannot allow dogs to sit on furniture sometimes and then order them to get down at other times without confusing them. You will also need to discourage your dog from jumping on furniture while you are not in the room. To do this, you can set mousetraps on the furniture and cover them with a piece of paper to avoid injuring your dog. When he sets off the traps, he will stop sitting on your furniture.

What do you do if you cannot correct your dog’s bad habits?

Call in an expert like Cesar Millan. Almost any bad behavior can be corrected by professional dog training. I want to show you how Cesar dealt with this aggressive American Pit Bull Terrier in this video. This dog was a challenge even for a professional dog trainer but in the end Cesar brings him under control. If you observe this dog was very aggressive, dominant and scared at the same time, if this dog can be tamed with behavior dog training, there is hope for all dogs out there.

I hope you liked this article about Behavior dog training and gave you some insight on things you can fix yourself and things that may require a professional canine handler.