Bernese Mountain Dog Price and Facts

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The Dog From Switzerland: Bernese Mountain Dog

This article talks about the Bernese Mountain dog price, personality of the dog and puppy information. Bernese mountain dogs were first sighted in the paintings of Rome and were associated with the historic Molosser Roman dogs. These Roman dogs from this ancient civilization are said to be the roots of the breed which were carried to Europe when the Roman armies started invasion. The dogs were found in Switzerland where the breed was recognized. The name Bernese even came from the Canton of Bern in Switzerland. The breed almost became instinct in the 19th century with the introduction of other dog types as workers. It is thanks to Franz Schertenleib and Albert Heim that people were still able to see these dogs in the present times.

Berners or Bernese mountain dogs are large dogs famous for their tricolored fur of black, white and rust. Black dominates the body of the dog with white colored chest and accented with rust marks on the side of the mouth, above the eyes and the front legs. The black coat covering the body is resistant to weather and may be straight or wavy. Its body is long and sturdy with flat head and bushy tail that is lowly carried. The dogs stand 24 to 28 inches for males and 23 to 27 for females. They weigh 85 to 110 and 80 to 105 pounds for males and females respectively. They can live for 8 to 10 years which is a little short compared to similar breeds. Cancer is said to be the leading cause of the shortened lifespan of these dogs.  These breeds are one of the shortest lived large breed Mastiff’s around.

What’s amazing about Berners is that though they originally came from Rome, these Bernese Mountain dogs are not as fierce and aggressive as Romans are known for. They are on the contrary good-natured and social. These dogs love children and are docile to strangers. They are easy to train and should be treated with gentleness yet with discipline.

Caring for the Bernese Mountain dog ..

Bernese Mountain Dog Price

Taking care of the Bernese mountain dog is not a hard task. Brushing the coat is needed at least twice a week to avoid tangles. These dogs are heavy shredder and would shred twice a year voluminously. Moreover, bathing is also necessary along with daily exercise which includes long walks. You should also keep their paws clean and nails cut short as they are a heavy breed which can cause the nails to break easily. Regular visit to the veterinarian is also important. What the owners must be cautious however are the different health ailments which are famous to the breed. Cancer is the most famous and common health problem of Berners. Other health ailments that owners must be aware of are elbow and hip dysplasia, eyelid problems and blindness and bloating. These good-natured mountain dogs need to be taken care of. It is not a difficult thing to do if owners would know how to properly to do. Read on to find out about Bernese Mountain dog price and puppy information.

Bernese Mountain dog Price and Puppies …

Puppies of this breed are amazingly adorable and even at 9 weeks of age they are pretty big in size and their coat is already coming in thick.  One litter can be anywhere from one to fourteen puppies and usually eight puppies is average.  The cost of a puppy will range anywhere from $700 to $1200 with papers. The Bernese Mountain Dog Price is reasonable and copies the pricing of most Mastiff breeds. Always get these Bernese puppies from a reputable breeder as they have a short life span and increased chances of getting cancer already. These puppies are meant to be lively and will be constantly eating and growing fast so be sure to prepare ahead before getting one.  The Bernese mountain dog was bred to be a family dog and not a guard dog so don’t get a puppy for guarding purposes. They are people friendly and are great with kids.

Video of  a Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog, Here you can see the video of a Burmese Mountain dog fully grown. They are truly magnificent and fluffy creatures!