Best Dog Food for Australian Shepherds, Australian Shepherd Dog Care

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Many Australian Shepherd topics are covered in this article, such as, What is the best dog food for Australian Shepherds? Do Australian Shepherds make excellent family dogs? Do Australian Shepherds shed etc. But first let’s say, Australian Shepherd dogs are not really from Australia, they are bred in the United States although their ancestors may be of Collie lines from Australia or Germany. No one knows for sure but shepherd dogs were said to be from the Basque autonomous community located in the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain. Some shepherd dog varieties are said to be originated in Germany. Although, we know of some of the breeds that went into the genetic pool of Australian Shepherds that we see today, these breeds include: Bouvier des Flandres, Scottish Collie, Welsh Sheepdog, Australian Cattle Dog, and Kelpie. We sure do love them no matter where their genetic bloodline lies.

Australian Shepherd Dog Care

Australian Shepherd Personality

Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent dogs that love to keep engaged. Although they enjoy herding livestock the most, they also like brisk walks, fetching games and even chasing rabbits in the backyard. They are high energy dogs, so it is something the owners must keep in mind if they are renting an apartment. They tend to associate with one owner unless they are adequately trained at a very young age. They are easy to train and get along with most other pets, although some Shepherds can get nippy with cats. This is interesting because they are a livestock herding breed after all and nips, stares, etc. are how they keep a flock of sheep under control. Overall, they have a low prey drive, which means with the right training, you can get them adapted to other household pets. Australians Shepherds have an excellent memory and tend to remember their past. They make excellent family dogs unless they were adopted and have an abusive history; it will take some time to build up that rapport with humans again.

Australian Shepherd Grooming

Did you know Australian Shepherds have a water-resistant coat? They will do very well in colder and wet climates. Due to the colder weather, their coat will be notably denser let’s say if they lived in Canada vs. Arizona. They are a breed with a double coat which can also double the grooming work for dog owners. You will need to brush the outside thick layer first and then use a longer toothed rake to get inside the undercoat. A two-sided rake such the one below should get the job done.

Are Australian Shepherds a Hypoallergenic dog breed?

Unfortunately, Australian Shepherds are not a hypoallergenic dog breed, they can shed heavily during winter months. In the process, they can also spread dander around which will not be good for people with allergies.

If you already have an Australian Shepherd and you suffer from allergies, you can do your best to clean your home and keep dander away. Some of the steps you can take to relieve pet allergies include the following.

  • Install hardwood floors/tiles where possible
  • Vacuum once a week, these include sofas, carpeting on steps, etc.
  • Wash bed linens or anything else your dog may touch that attracts dander

Best Dog Food for Australian Shepherd Dogs

Being a high energy dog, we all can agree that Australian Shepherds have a pretty good appetite. We need a targeted dog food that is suitable for their weight, dense coat, and optimal health. There are many dog foods in the market today claiming to support all of these, but very few deliver their promise. If you have an Adult Australian Shepherd, here are a few excellent dog foods. I will list them according to quality and price, Blue Buffalo being the lower end and Orijen taking the top spot.

Best Dog Food for Australian Shepherd Puppies

Australian Shepherd puppies will have different nutritional requirements as they are still growing. Feeding a well rounded and nutrient dense food is essential for a growing Australian Shepherd puppy. When you go for optimal quality, puppy foods can turn out to be quite expensive. Here are a few suggestions that we’ve picked out at different price levels without sacrificing quality.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Price & Puppies Near Me

We always advise people to go to the source when getting a new puppy. Go to a reputable dog breeder who is knowledgable on the specific breed that you are interested in. Visit the Australian Shepherd Breeder Directory to see the breeders that that are closest to you. You can expect to pay upwards of $1500 – $2000 for an Australian Shepherd puppy from the breeder.

Be sure also to check your local Animal Shelters first because there are so many dogs out there waiting for a new home.

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