Best Dog Food for Goldendoodles & Goldendoodle Puppies

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In this article, we will discuss the best dog food for Goldendoodles and Goldendoodle puppies.

When it comes to dog food, it is not one-size-fits-all. Many people think the same food that benefits one dog breed also helps all others: this is incorrect. Every dog breed has different nutritional needs based on genetic predispositions to specific health problems.

Dog food is also age-specific for the simple fact that development differs between ages. Therefore, you wouldn’t give your puppy the same food you give to your senior dog because their growth is different.

best dog foods for goldendoodle

Below you will find details about a Goldendoodle’s specific dietary needs and tips to help you select the best food for your Goldendoodle. Remember, food requirements can differ depending on your dog’s age, so we have broken down the best dog food for a Goldendoodle by age. For more information about doodle dogs, feel free to visit We Love Doodles.

Nutritional Needs of Goldendoodles

The most significant differentiating factor in dog food is the amount of energy the dog needs. Depending on the size of your dog, the number of calories required per day will differ. A good rule to follow when understanding the number of calories your dog needs is to ensure your dog consumes 30 calories for every pound of body weight per day. This number may vary slightly for certain breeds, sizes, and activity levels but is an excellent baseline to keep in mind when choosing food. 

You can choose three sizes from miniature, medium, and standard when it comes to Goldendoodles. The great thing about these dogs is they are all genetically similar, so they require the same nutrients. It is just the amount of food that would differ between the sizes. By following the 30 calorie rule above, you will ensure your dog gets the right amount of calories a day. Note, however, sometimes smaller dogs have faster metabolisms. So if you have a miniature Goldendoodle, it may need slightly more food per day to keep up with its metabolism.

Goldendoodles’ are especially prone to gastric torsion because of their Poodle parentage. You should limit the number of carbs your Goldendoodle is consuming to prevent this. You can also feed your Goldendoodle a combination of wet and dry food, which helps with this condition. However, if you prefer just dry food, you can give that to your Goldendoodle on its own, as long as it is high in protein and fiber but low in fat. You should also limit your dog to small portions of food at a time because overeating too quickly can contribute to this condition.

This breed is also known to have sensitive skin. Choosing foods that are skin sensitive is essential to preventing scratching. These foods will keep your dog looking and feeling its best!

How to Choose the Best Dog foods for Goldendoodles

Now you know your Goldendoodle’s nutritional needs, you may be wondering what exactly to look for when choosing food for your dog. When it comes to Goldendoodles, the amount of food and nutrients vary based on age and development. Below you will find a list of the things to look for and avoid when choosing food for your Goldendoodle. 

  1. Protein
    Make sure the first ingredient listed on your dog’s food is protein. The food should be high in protein that comes from real animals.
  2. Fat
    You must limit the amount of fat in your Goldendoodle’s food because of their predisposition to gastric torsion. However, you cannot completely eliminate fat from their diet because there are still essential health benefits. Look for food with fat that comes from healthy animal sources, but make sure there are limited amounts contained.
  3. Carbohydrates
    Additionally, it is essential to choose a Goldendoodle food with only a small amount of healthy carbs because carbs contribute to gastric torsion. These carbs should be easily digestible such as vegetables.
  4. Supplements
    Ensure if you are giving your Goldendoodle synthetic supplements, you are doing this sparingly. A better way to ensure your dog is getting the nutrients needed is by choosing food with natural animal proteins and healthy carbohydrates. 
  5. No Additives
    Always ensure your dog food has no additives such as corn, wheat, or soy. These fillers can be dangerous for Goldendoodles.

Best Dog Food for Goldendoodle – Puppies

Now you know about Goldendoodles’ nutritional needs and what to look for in their food, it is time to get shopping. Below you will find the best dog food for a Goldendoodle based on age.

best food for Goldendoodle puppy

Nulo Freestyle Dry Puppy Food

This formula is specially designed to ensure your Goldendoodle puppy is getting all essential nutrients to grow into a beautiful and robust dog. Made with real ingredients, this food provides puppies with the perfect meat-to-carb ratio for every meal. This formula has added probiotics to ensure your puppy develops a healthy digestive system, enhanced metabolism, and a strong immune system. 

Purina Pro Plan High Protein Wet Puppy Food

This wet food is perfect for adding all the right nutrients to your puppy’s life. This formula contains real meat providing your pup with the healthy protein needed to grow into a strong adult dog. This food has no additives such as corn, wheat or soy, to ensure all your puppy’s needs are met through whole food sources. 

Best Dog Food for Goldendoodle – Adults

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula dry dog food puts meat first, ensuring your Goldendoodle is getting the healthy protein it needs to live a happy life. This formula includes healthy carbs from whole foods providing your dog with energy. High in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, this food maintains your dog’s skin and coat, which can be problem areas for Goldendoodles.  

The Hill’s Science Diet dry dog food is perfect for Goldendoodles because it creates a healthy stomach that can prevent gastric torsion. Designed to be easily digestible, this is the ideal adult food for Goldendoodles with stomach problems. This formula also helps maintain healthy skin through vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids. So, if your dog is suffering from sensitive skin or a sensitive stomach, this is the food that will help it feel its best.  

Merrick grain-free wet dog food provides your adult Goldendoodle with real meat ensuring your dog is getting lots of healthy protein in its diet. This food also includes vegetables to give your dog a well-rounded meal with all nutrients needed to live a happy and healthy life. This food is made without artificial preservatives, ensuring the nutrients your dog receives come from all-natural sources. 

Best Dog Food for Goldendoodle – Seniors

The Nutro natural choice senior dry dog food is made with non-GMO ingredients, this formula is specially made to provide senior dogs with strong bones and immune systems. This food is high in calcium and antioxidants, ensuring your senior Goldendoodle will maintain healthy skin, bones, and digestion for the rest of its life. 

As dogs age, they sometimes lose teeth. If your Goldendoodle is unable to eat dry food anymore, this is a perfect alternative. This formula is made from real meat to provide your dog with the right nutrients needed to maintain an active lifestyle, regardless of age. This formula also focuses on being delicious to ensure your senior dog does not lose its appetite. 

Conclusions for best dog food Goldendoodles

Knowing what to feed your Goldendoodle is essential to making sure your dog lives a happy and healthy life. A healthy diet will contribute to your dog’s overall well-being and ensures you will have a long life with your beautiful Goldendoodle companion.