Best Dog Food for Pit Bull Puppies

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There are many brands of dog food out there and picking the best dog food for pit bull puppies is important. The pit bull is a specialized breed that comes in various color and sizes. All are generally muscular and grow at a good pace. For puppies this means getting the best brand or combination that you can come across. This means doing some study on your own and maybe checking with other owners for their recommendations.

The best dog food for pit bull puppies might come from your own efforts. Talking to your veterinarian and finding out what they say can be of utmost importance. You may find that you can mix your own brand of dog food for the little pups and then graduate to a more commercial brand later on.

Owners will debate about what the best dog food for pit bull puppies is. The list is extensive to say the least with dozens and dozens of brands of wet and dry dog foods. The manufacturers battle tooth and nail to get to the consumer, you and get you to buy their brand. It’s a huge business and for specialized breeds even more so.

Best Dog Food for Pit Bull Puppies

You’ll have to gauge your choices on several things. Is the brand of dog food rated for excellence? Do consumer groups endorse them? How about awards granted for products that excel? What do veterinarians recommend? What about other owners of the same breed as your puppy, what do they say?

The debates can run on and on and only careful study and trial and error can accomplish the task. What you might want to do is first study up on the various brands and recommendations. Then, buy a few boxes or cans of the brands you’ve chosen. Test them on the puppies one at a time. What you’re looking for are things like changes in mood, coat color, nose health. If the dog’s physiology doesn’t agree with one brand, try the next and wait a week or two, to try the next one. You might even want to take the puppy into the vet to have blood work done. Your vet will be able to spot any differences from coat to muscular and bone development. These are the indicators in choosing the best dog food for pit bull puppies or any puppies.

Feeding My Own Pit Bull Puppy

I tend to go with a mixed approach which I personally had success with for years. Currently, I am feeding the Purina SmartBlend dog food also with raw meats on occasion. Purina SmartBlend works for me as it isn’t expensive and my dog loves the taste of it. Over the course of time, I have found out that a mixed approach works best as your dogs will get all of the required nutrition. So far, I haven’t had any problems feeding Purina SmartBlend dog food to my Pit Bull. Every weekend I also feed raw meats such as pork neck bones, chicken backs and legs to my Pit Bull. My Pit Bull Phoenix is currently 2 years of age and she is thriving and I notice no decline in her puppy energy. You can adapt my own dog food routine with your Pit Bull if you aren’t sure which is the best dog food for your Pit Bull. I would love to know about some of my readers suggestions and opinions so be sure to comment below with what you are feeding your Pit Bull.

Purina SmartBlend formula  is my absolute favorite dog food for Pit Bull dogs and puppies.  If you live on a budget like myself and doesn’t have a ton of money to spend on dog foods, this is really a great choice. My Pit Bull has been on this commercial diet ever since she was a puppy.

Best Dog Food for Pit Bull Puppies

Competition Among Dog Food Manufacturers

Dog food manufacturing is a billion dollar industry. Dog food manufacturers are always experimenting and they want your business and some will make all sorts of claims. That is why it is important to do your own research when it comes to selecting the best dog food for pit bull puppies. Here are some of the best dog foods I recommend that are currently on the market.

Orijen Original Dry Dog Food, 25 lb – Although this is an expensive dog food, it is based on quality and known for its fresh ingredients. If you want the absolute best dog food for Pit Bull puppies then choose this one.

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food, Wetlands Canine Formula with Roasted Wild Fowl, 30-Pound Bag – This a great dog food if you dog likes it. Some dogs may not like the taste of this dog food but it is decent on price.  There are many positive reviews on this dog food from dog lovers. Sometimes Amazon includes free shipping on this dog food.

Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken – Lamb – 28.5 lb – You won’t hear about this dog food much in the common market but it is a great dog food. A buddy of mine feeds this dog food to his Pit Bull’s with great success. A lot of Veterinarians recommend this dog food if your dog isn’t adapting to any other dog food.  It is a great food if your dog is very sensitive and is having skin rashes or flaky skin problems with other dog food brands.

If you wish to know what each of this dog foods contain or require extended ingredients information as well a nutrition analysis, here is a great website that I recommend Dog Food Advisor.

A pit bull puppy is special and may not adapt to dog foods geared for other puppies. Again, that’s when calling in on other owners and specialists. They’ll know right off the bat which products they would recommend and the ones that really care might just call you on the phone to make sure you’re getting the right brand of dog food. Yes, some people care that much. I have recommended above what works best for many Pit Bull’s I have personally come across. Be sure to let me know what dog foods works best for your Pit Bull in a comment below.

So remember, taking care of your pit bull puppies means getting the best dog food for pit bull puppies. That means study, asking questions, and testing things out yourself. You and your puppies will be the better for it.

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