Best Dog Foods for Italian Greyhounds & Puppies

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Italian Grey Hounds are one of the most popular breed of dogs out there. Their lean energetic bodies and adorable looks capture our hearts on a daily basis. However, when it comes to feeding our beloved IG’s many people are clueless about picking the right dog foods for them. Here I am going to Introduce you to some of the best dog foods for Italian Greyhounds. These are also dog foods that the Italian Greyhound FaceBook community members feed their IG’s with great success.

Dog Food for Italian Greyhound Puppies, Hill’s Science Diet Puppy

Hill’s Science diet puppy healthy development small bites dry dog food is ideal for growing Italian Greyhound puppies. Hill’s science diet small bites provides your growing Italian Greyhound puppy with Omega-3 fatty acids he or she needs for bone development. Hill’s science diet is also most breeders choice of puppy food after puppies are weaned. The Hill’s Science Diet Small Bites is also recommended by most of the veterinarians as the go to puppy food. 

best puppy food for Italian Greyhounds

Hill’s Science Diet contains (DHA) Docosahexaenoic acid to promote healthy brain development in your puppy. This Omega-3 fatty acid is also responsible for the proper development of your puppy’s retinal functions. The manufacturer also adds Vitamins C and E to keep your puppy’s immune system healthy. The main source of protein in this dog food is chicken which attracts most dogs and puppies. Hill’s doesn’t use any artificial flavors or preservatives in this dog food so that you can be assured that you are feeding a great quality puppy food. Although most puppies love the taste of Hill’s Science Diet, you can start with the 15.5 pound bag here just to see if your puppy likes the food and move up from there.

Dog Food for Italian Greyhounds, Blue Buffalo Lamb & Rice

Blue Buffalo dry dog food lamb and rice formula is a popular dog food that many Italian Greyhound owners feed their dogs. This dog food contains no corn and keeps your Greyhound’s weight in check. The main source of protein is lamb and brown rice is secondary to promote energy. There are also plenty of veggies added in like carrots and sweet potatoes for vitamins and fiber. Many people in the Italian Greyhound community have also said that their Greyhound’s coats looked and felt much better while on this dog food.

However, I noticed a few complains of some Italian Greyhounds not liking the taste of this dog food. You should get the smaller bag to see if your dog likes this food before going with the 30 pound bag.

Why Add Natural Supplements to Your Italian Greyhound’s Food?

Commercial dog foods doesn’t always provide everything your dog needs. A dog’s body cannot live on processed foods alone. Imagine us humans living on processed foods through out our lives, the same goes for our dogs. Be sure to add these natural additions to your Italian greyhound’s commercial dog food for optimal results.

Coconut oil is amazing for dogs and does wonders to their overall health. Here is an article I wrote on the benefits of coconut oil for dogs. You can simply add two tablespoons of coconut oil into their dry dog food and mix it up. All dogs crave the taste of coconut oil, its like they know what is good for them naturally.

Best Dog Foods for Italian Greyhounds Add baked pumpkin to your commercial dog foods. You can simply bake whole pumpkins at home and smash it into their dry food. Pumpkins provide your dog with an excellent source of fiber. They are also a good source of Vitamin-A. Most commercial dog foods aim to reduce a dog’s poop with no regard to their health and well being. We can counter this by adding pumpkin to their diet which keeps their digestive system healthy. A healthy digestive system means a healthy Italian Greyhound.

Yogurt is Amazing! Yogurt is a wonderful source the needed nutrient calcium, especially for Italian Greyhounds. Their bones can easily be injured during play time in comparison to other dogs. Go for plain yogurt without any added sugar. Yogurt can settle a dog’s digestive system and provide the probiotics they need. Did you know that frozen cubes of yogurt makes great summer treats for dogs?

I would love to hear about other dog foods and supplements that Italian Greyhound lovers feed their dogs. Here are some questions to get you to start commenting: Which commercial dog foods does your Italian Greyhound prefer? What are some other great natural supplements for dogs?

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