10 Best Dog Harnesses for Small Dogs, Miniature Dog Harnesses

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Here are our recommendations for the best dog harness for small dogs and miniature dogs.

 These days many big things come in small packages, and that includes dogs too! Due to their cute looks and compact size, small dogs are rapidly finding their way into our homes and apartments.

Understandably, miniature dogs are a lot easier to care for and pick up after; however, small dogs require specialized shopping when it comes to dog harnesses, clothes, dog food, etc. Among these specialized needs, dog harnesses are a top priority. 

best harness for small dogs

Small Dog Harness Shopping Tips

When shopping for a small dog harness, we often pay more attention to its color and looks rather than the material its made from. Your top priority when it comes to selecting dog harnesses should be your dog’s comfort.  

Did you know buying a dog harness instead of a dog collar can significantly reduce canine neck injuries?

Dogs, especially small breeds, can get tracheal collapse through the use of dog collars.

Dog Harness Measurement Tips

Here are some tips on how to measure your dog for a harness. Sizing your dog based on labels such as XXS, S, M, LG, XXL is not always accurate. Dog harness manufacturers recommend that you measure your dog’s neck and chest girth for the most accurate measurements. Chest girth measurements are the most reliable for small breed dog harnesses.

best miniature dog harness

To take a neck measurement, start measuring from the neck base where your dog’s shoulder meets and then go all around. Don’t make the measuring tape too tight, and it should be loose enough so that you can fit one or two fingers under the measuring tape.

To take a chest measurement, start measuring from the center of the spine right behind the shoulders. Then go all around the rib cage and back to your starting point. Again, you want to make sure the measuring tape isn’t too tight, and you can fit one or two fingers underneath it.

Best Dog Harnesses for Small Dogs – Our Top Quick Picks

Here are our top listings for the small breed dog harnesses. If you require special harnesses for a small breed therapy dog or working dog, keep reading for more.

best dog harness for small dogs

1. Gooby

Gooby is a soft and breathable small breed dog harness made out of polyester. Breathable polyester makes the harness easier to wash and dry. There are a few size selections to be made depending on your dog’s chest size. 

  • Small Chest (9.5-13″)
  • Medium Chest (11-16″)
  • Large Chest (14-19″)

Generally speaking, a large chest size should be most suited for french bulldogs and Corgi’s, while a medium can fit a miniature Daschund. However, always measure your dog for sizing as small breed dogs can vary significantly in size.

A leash is not included with this harness so if you would like to also get a very nice leash, please see the nylon leash above from Petsafe.

2. Metric Usa

Small breed dog harness by Metric Usa is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and best dog harnesses in the market. It is especially suitable for dogs that are escape artists who manage to get out of other harnesses.

Below is the size chart for Metric Usa’s small breed dog harnesses. The maximum dog weight limit for this harness is 25 pounds.

small breed harness size chart

XXS (Double Extra Small) – fits miniature Yorkle (3.5 pounds), Yorkie Poo (5 pounds), Chihuahua (2 pounds) and Chiweenie (6 pounds).

XS (Extra Small) – fits Maltese (6 pounds), Yorkie Poo (7 pounds), Yorkshire Terrier (9 pounds), Shi-Tsu (5 pounds), Rat Terrier (7.5 Pounds) and Yorkie (4 pounds).

S (Small) – fits Westie (12.5 pounds), Maltie (12.5 pounds), Sheeba-Huahua (12 pounds), Shorkie Tzu (9 pounds), Havanese Puppy (5 pounds), Silky Terrier (10 pounds), Miniature Poodle (12 pounds), Mini Schnauzer (14.5 pounds) and Maltese (5 pounds).

M (Medium) – fits Heeler Puppy (14-15 pounds), Miniature Schnauzer (15 pounds).

A dog leash does not come with the Metric Usa harness. Please consider selecting the above retractable dog leash from Peteast.

3. EcoBark

EcoBark dog harnesses come in ten different colors, so you have a variety of colors at your choosing. As the brand name suggests, EcoBark dog harnesses are eco-friendly. EcoBark uses recycled water bottles in its manufacturing. You can feel good knowing that you are contributing to help the planet. They are anti-rub and hypoallergenic, which prevents chaffing on your dogs.

Some of the plus points for EcoBark dog harnesses are:

  • No Pulling or Choking
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Escape Proof for Safety
  • Anti-Rub Technology

Below is the sizing chart for EcoBark dog harnesses.

Dog Harness Sizing

EcoBark dog harnesses don’t come with a leash, here is our suggestion for a leash that goes best with EcoBark dog harnesses.

Specialized Small Dog Harnesses

Some times dog owners look for specialized features in a dog harness. So, if you are looking to take better control of your dog or to rely on a specific message to your dog, here are the top manufacturers that provide unique features in a small breed dog harness.

4. Puppia 

Puppia dog harnesses provide great adjustability as they provide two double-coated D-rings for the leash. Adjustability around the dog’s neck area is what some dog owners look for, and Puppia accommodates just that. The quick buckle releases on the dog harness make life easier for dog owners as it is simple to put on your dog and take off. 

Here is where Puppia Authentic RiteFit Shines:

  • Adjustability
  • Double-Coated D-Rings
  • Quick Release Buckles
  • Water Repellent, Soft material & Breathable Construction

Below is the Puppia Authentic RiteFit size chart. Carefully follow the sizing chart for the Puppia dog harness because some dog owners had trouble using the harness with big headed dogs.

puppia dog harness review

Puppia dog harnesses do not come with a leash, here is a great dog leash suggestion.

5. DiDog 

If you are looking for a cute and fashionable dog harness, then this is it. The DiDog adjustable mesh vest harness, made out of light and breathable material, also comes with a matching leash. DiDog harness also has a bell, so you always know your dog’s location.

Here is where DiDog dog harness shines:

  • Cute looks & Comfortable
  • Great quality material
  • Adorable bell to give your pup’s location away
  • Affordability – Comes with a leash

6. Ruffwear

If you are into hiking and trails and you bring along your canine companion, you don’t want to miss the Web Master dog harness by Ruffwear. These are the best dog harnesses for service dogs as it has five points of adjustment. It is also great for amputee dogs as you can safely lift them up and over obstacles.

Here are the main selling points of Ruffwear dog harnesses.

  • Assisted Lifting
  • Very Secure
  • Solid Construction
  • Highly Customizable
  • Padded Handle

Below is the sizing chart for Ruffwear Web Master dog harness.

ruffwear dog harness review

A leash does not come with the Ruffwear Web Master dog harness, here is a very well made leash from Ruffwear

7. EzyDog

The EzyDog Quick Fit is an adjustable dog harness that is easy to put on your dog, similar to a collar. EzyDog Quick Fit is not a harness that prevents the dog from pulling. Instead, it comfortably allows pulling on the leash for an untrained dog.

Some of the plus points of the EzyDog harness are as follows:

  • Adjustable Front Strap (it comes adjusted to the smallest setting)
  • Reflective Saftey Stitch
  • Quick-Clip Buckle

Below is a sizing chart for the EzyDog Quick Fit dog harness, these are Girth measurements as it is the best indicator.

ezydog sizing chart

EzyDog also has an XXS sizing, which is 12-15 inches – girth measurement.

EzyDog doesn’t come with a leash, here is a premium leash that you may be interested in.

8. Voyager

Voyager by Best Pet Supplies is a very popular dog harness that is durable enough for all-weather use. Like many other dog harnesses on the market, Voyager also uses a breathable mesh to allow moisture to escape. It is worn by placing your dog’s front legs in it then pulling up to wrap it around the chest and neck. 

Plus points for the Voyage by Best Pet Supplies are as follows:

  • Breathable Air Mesh 
  • Reflective Bands
  • Hook & Loop Fastener
  • Buckle & Double-D Rings

Below is the sizing chart for Voyager dog harness.

Voyager Sizing Chart

Voyager by Best Pet Supplies does not come with a leash, here is a simple and cost-effective leash that you can pickup with your order.

9. Icefang (Tactical)

Icefang is a cool looking tactical dog harness for your working-class dogs. The smallest size should fit large breed puppies and some small breed dogs. Be sure to check for sizing and girth measurements (please refer to the beginning of the article).

Icefang Sizing for small breeds:

Icefang dog harnesses may not fit miniature breeds. The smallest sizing for Icefang dog harness is XS (18-23″ circumference). Small size (S) will be 22-27″ inches circumference.

Here is what is nice about Icefang tactical dog harnesses:

  • Easy ON-OFF buckle
  • Comfortable Dog Lift (easy to grab and control your dog)
  • Easy Walking (hooks on top and bottom)
  • Padded Chest (no rub, breathable material)

Icefang harnesses do not come with a leash, here is a leash that you may be interested in purchasing.

10. OneTigris

The OneTigris Dog Vest Beast Mojo is another fantastic tactical small breed dog harness for working dogs. This adorable military-style dog harness provides not only comfort but both strength and durability. The most useful feature of the OneTigris dog harnesses is that they allow for Molle pouches. Molle’s are modular storage pouches that you can easily attach to the OneTigris harness. You can use Molle pouches to store dog treats and canine medications on your dog.

Plus points of OneTigris small breed dog harness:

  • Molle Strap Attachments (easily store treats and meds on the go)
  • Easy ON/OFF (quick release buckles)
  • Professional Appearance (Cool Military style looks)
  • Adjustable Straps (easy fitting for many small breed dogs)

OneTigris Dog Vest Beast Mojo Sizing:

OneTigris is made specifically for small breed dogs so there isn’t any confusion when it comes to sizing.

onetigris dog harness

OneTigris dog harness does not come with a leash, so you may want to consider picking up the following dog leash to match the military-style look of the harness.

Tips on Using a Dog Harness

The looks of a dog harness can be somewhat intimidating if you are not used to them. Dog harnesses are a breeze to put on and take off once you get used to them. 

Here are some tips on using two of the most popular types of dog harnesses one is a step-in harness, and the other is a pull-over harness.

Instructions for a Step-In Dog Harness

  1. Lay the step-in harness flat on the ground.
  2. Get your dog to step inside the harness (you can use treats to train your dog the first time if they are afraid of the harness).
  3. Place their front paws inside the loops of the dog harness.
  4. While your dog’s feet are inside the loop of the harness, pull up the harness. 
  5. Buckle the harness around your dog’s back.

Instructions for a Pull-Over Dog Harness

  1. Locate the neck part of the harness and put it over your dog’s head (this is usually the broader part of the harness).
  2. Time to strap down! Locate the bottom and top straps of the pull-over harness. 
  3. Buckle the top dog harness straps on your dog’s back.
  4. Buckle the bottom dog harness straps under your dog’s stomach.
  5. Voila! Smooth as a pie!

Using 5 Main Types of Dog Harnesses

Here is a video showing how to put on the most common types of dog harnesses.

How to Fit the 5 Main Types of Dog Harnesses

We hope this article was informative in helping you choose the best dog harness for your small breed dog. We invite you to join our dog group on FaceBook @ Canine Owners. Our group is not specific to one breed of dogs, and we welcome all dog owners.