Best Large Dog Crate, Best Small Dog Crate – Your Guide to Dog Crates

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Are you looking for a solution that helps you prevent your dog from destroying your furniture or chewing up shoes? Well then – buy a dog crate. There are many dog crates available in the market to choose from but you want something ideal for you and your dog. I will help you choose between the best large dog crate, the best small dog crate and even the best heavy duty dog crate. Initially, although crates may look strange or even cruel with its cage-like appearance, they can be a useful tool for crate training. Apart from providing an indoor escape for your puppies and dogs, a crate become a home within your home for your pet and helps provides private space and security to your dog, making him feel completely at ease and comfortable. However, since there are different types of dog crates available in the market, learning about each type of crate can help you find the best dog crate.

best large dog crate

Why is Dog Crate Training Important?

Dogs are basically den animals that look at the den – like structure of the crate as a place to retreat, sleep, eat and feel comfortable in times of stress. Crate training when seen from your dogs perceptive helps fulfil his innate desire of a safe and sheltered space to rest and stay protected. In addition to satisfying the natural urge of the dog, crate training also provides other benefits in the process.

Makes house training process easier: Dogs instinctively tend to keep their space clean. Choosing a proper sized crate for your dog will prevent him using the bathroom until he has been let outside. Crate training your puppy or dog helps a dog owner to help schedule regular trips of the dog to his soiling areas.

Provide a dog a secure and safe place: A crate helps provide a secured and safe place for a dog or puppy especially at times when you cannot supervise him or are away from home. In addition, a crate also helps provide a comforting space to rest if he happens to be sick or injured.

Travel-Friendly: A crate is one of the best of dog tools that help your pet stay protected when traveling by car or by air.

Types of Dog Crates

#1: Plastic Dog Crates

A great option for dogs for who like more privacy and seclusion while they are sleeping a plastic dog creates a more of “den’ like feeling and prevents the dog from escaping from the crate easily. A perfect type of dog crate that can be used air travel (approved by most airlines for in-cabin and beneath the seat use), plastic crates provide easy storage (the top half can be removed and be stacked inside the bottom half).

Best Plastic Dog Crate –  Transport Friendly & One of the Best Small Dog Crates

Petmate Two – Door, top- Load Kennel: This is one of the best small dog crates that you can buy. Made of steel and plastic construction to enhance durability, visibility, and safety, this two door plastic crate a helps provide easy access for your pup. Equipped with a durable ergonomic handle for safer pet transport, this crate is an ideal choice for small pets who are no more than 15 inches in length and 7 inches tall.

#2: Wire Dog crate

If your dog is not an escape artist, loves to see the surroundings and enjoy the flow of air, choosing a metal crate for your pet would be a great option. Easy to clean and maintain, wire dog crates are well ventilated and come with removable panels, allowing your puppy to grow into space. In addition, this type of dog crate remains odor free and can be folded easily for transport. Metal crates are quite sturdy and can be a good option for puppies who like to chew alloy. However, since they are made of metal, they can be noisier and tend to rust over time.

Best Wire Dog Crate –  Cost Effective & One of the Best Large Dog Crates

Mid West Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate: With a sturdy and strong metal crate design, this metal crate with double door creates a safe and secure place for your pet when you are away. Apart from featuring two slide latch helps lock the door securely in place, this dog crate can be folded easily for easy portability and storage. This dog crate comes in pretty much any size you would want, which makes it one of the best large dog crates.

#3: Fashion Dog Crate

If you are looking to buy a crate that looks fashionable and trendy, a fashion dog crate would be a perfect choice. Generally, made of wood, this type of dog crate can add style décor to your house and can be functional (double as a side table to provide a usable surface). However, a fashionable is not a good option for destructive dogs and are quite heavy, hard to clean and lack portability when compared to plastic or metal crates.

Best Fashion Dog Crate – For the Canine Owner with a sense of style!

Crown Pet Crate table: Constructed of durable hardwood, the dog crate features a versatile swing door that rotates towards the inside, providing your dog a well – ventilated environment and 360- degree view. In addition, the waterproof covered Melamine cover floor not only helps eliminate absorption of liquids and odors, but also facilitates easy cleaning.

#4: Heavy Duty Dog Crate

An ideal choice for clever and destructive dogs, heavy duty dog crates quite sturdy and do not have to replaced time and again due to your pup’s antics. Although these types of crates are not super attractive and are usually expensive than their other counterparts, some of them are approved for air travel, making your puppy traveling easier especially if he is familiar with this type of crate.

Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate – I need this for my Dog!

ProSelect Empire Cage: May be you’ve got the ‘El Chapo’ of the dog world. If your dog is an escape artist like my Pit Bull, this is the dog cage to get. It is available in small and large models. You have a guarantee that they won’t be able to break out of this one. Featuring heavy-duty welding at the key stress points of the cage, sturdy door latches and strong steel tubing, this heavy duty dog crate is a great choice to house your aggressive and destructive dogs. In addition, the wheels on the cage help make this crate travel-friendly.

#5: Soft Sided Dog Crate

Soft sided crates usually feature walls made of soft mesh material or something of a similar texture and are extremely lightweight, making them perfect for travel. Soft pet crates fold down quickly for easier storage and are perhaps one of those crates that make your pet feel most comfortable. However, this type of crate is only suitable for smaller dogs and is hard to clean and maintain. Moreover, while destructive pups can chew through the crate, curious pups manage to find their way out to escape easily from the crate.

Best Soft Dog Crate – Keeping it Light & Portable

Soft Sided 3 Door Folding Crate by Arf Pets: A perfect crate for both indoor and outdoor use, this soft – side dog crate features tightly weaved mesh fabric surrounded by a sturdy steel frame. An ideal choice for pets up to 70 pounds, this crate is lightweight and folds down quickly for portability and storage.

Whether you were looking for the best large dog crate, best small dog crate or even the best heavy duty dog crate – I hope you were able to make a sound decision on your next canine crate purchase.