Boxer Acne, Acne in Dogs

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We all love our Boxers, and they are one of the most playful and entertaining dogs to own. Boxer dog acne is a common problem that many dog owners are faced with. Boxers are extremely sensitive dogs, to begin with, and they are prone to allergies. Pimples around the dog’s chin and lip area are the most common sign people associate with Boxer Acne. Many Veterinarians will prescribe you medications or ointments to treat the problem without actually getting rid of the source of the problem. Not getting rid of the cause of the problem only makes it come back as soon as you stop using the dog acne medications.

Boxer Acne around Mouth & Chin

Having been through this myself with my Boxer, I know how to attack the source of the problem. The reason that your Boxer dog is getting these huge pimples around the mouth area is due to plastic exposure. Some boxers seem to be allergic to plastic, some bulldogs face the same problem, and it may run in the Molosser family itself. The same problem can be seen in Mastiffs as well.

My Boxer was outdoors a lot, and he used to chew on plastic bottles and other things outside, and worst of all, they are attracted to these things. Plastic is an easy and enjoyable chew toy for many dogs. Little did I know, I was also aiding to the problem as a dog owner.

Boxer Dog Acne Solutions

Here are some solutions to the problem. Get rid of all plastic items from your dog’s reach, including plastic bottles that you use. Do not purchase plastic toys for your dog. Do not feed your dog in a plastic bowl. After making these changes, you should see results immediately.

 Try this out before having those expensive veterinary visits, doing all of the above fixed my Boxer’s problem. You will see immediate results within a few days to 2 weeks, and you can also tell by the reduction of pimples in the lip area. Boxer acne is a terrible condition, and it can be annoying for the dogs, especially when they burst and ooze. It is a heartbreaking sight for any dog owner to watch.

To treat the wounds until they go away, use warm water to clean the area every day. Apply aloe vera to the affected area. The warm water will open up the pores for the aloe vera to do its magic. Following these tips should clear up your dog’s acne faster.

I want to show you all a picture of the Boxer acne condition. Your Boxer’s situation may be worse than this, but here is an idea of what these Boxer pimples look like around dog’s mouth and chin.

Boxer Acne

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