Breeding Small Dogs, Hybrid Dog Breeders

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Breeding Small Dogs “Has Its Own Needs”. Small dog breeding has gained a lot of interest during the last decade.  For dog breeding business, it represents a new opportunity for individuals it represents a way to get the dog they want without having to buy it at high costs.  However, as with any other type of breeding, you need to learn a few things before.

Breeding Small Dogs, What Small Dog Do You Want To Breed?

The first thing to determine is the dog you want to breed. There are many small very sought  after breeds out there such as the Yorkie, Maltese, Puggle and Bichon Frise. You have to read about the dog, learn all you can about the breed, its abilities, traits and the environment needed for them to live in.  Choosing a dog appropriate for the right climate can be a key ingredient towards breeding a happy dog.breeding small dogs

About Small Hybrid Dogs

You will also have to learn about mixing breeds if you want a hybrid dog.  Dogs that mix well can be very beautiful but it needs some prior knowledge.  When you choose dog that don’t mix well, besides their weird looking appearance, they can develop health problems later in their life.  A great resource to know about the mixing is the Internet; there are places online like forums, where people share their experiences breeding hybrid dogs. A lot of canine fanatics are against the idea of mixing dogs so you have to really identify the market.

Don’t Forget About the Laws

Breeding dogs is also contemplated in the law, there are some places where there are breeds not allowed.  On the other hand as a business you will have to check that all your papers are OK, and that you have paid for all the needed permissions.

Finding the Right Homes

This is the final step in small dog breeding, but an important one.  You have to make sure the homes you are sending the puppies are good ones.  It involves taking time to talk to the future dog-owners about the plans and intentions with the dog.  You will ultimately be the one judging if they are capable of taking care of the dog or not.  Don’t hesitate saying a no, if the potential owner doesn’t seem trusting or capable of maintaining the dog. Most good breeders will find homes for the puppies before the breeding even takes place.