Canine Symptoms, Canine Diseases

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Dog Diseases and Canine symptoms – It is important that you check the dog’s history before you buy it. Also it is important to check the dog’s mother’s history for any diseases. To keep your loved pet healthy and happy you should follow these points:

Get your puppy vaccinated for worms. There are other vaccinations required early in a dog’s life which the veterinarian will tell you when you go for the first shot. If you are short on cash, you can do what I have done and take them to LuvMyPet at Petco. Visit to see when they are scheduled to come to the Petco near you. I have always been very happy with their services and you can save those expensive veterinarian visits.

Canine symptoms, Canine Diseases

Hair loss – hair loss can be bad both for the dog and the dog owner. Take him to the vet and get the skin checked. It might just be a minor problem and a change in the bathing shampoo for dog might do the trick. Hair loss can also occur if your dog is allergic to gluten containing foods. I had a Boxer that had red rashes and hair loss due to eating gluten added foods. Some of the good gluten free foods to feed are Royal Canin and Purina SmartBlend.

Canine symptoms of regular Hair loss – Regular Hair loss is a sign that your dog is suffering from a disease such as Demodectic Mange. Small patches of hair loss occurs with localized form of this mange and if not treated, will spread to the worse generalized form. Take him to a veterinarian immediately and get him checked.

Keep the dog dish and other vessels of the dog clean. The water provided to him should be clean. Always use stainless steel or ceramic pots to feed your dog as some dogs may be allergic to plastic. I had a Boxer that developed red bumps under the chin and around the mouth due to a plastic allergy. Also provide adequate water to him at all times otherwise there is a risk of heat stroke in summer Canine Symptomsseasons.

Worms – If your dog has eating problems (like eating too much or not eating at all), then it can be possible that the dog has worms in his stomach. You should immediately take him to your veterinarian and get him checked properly. Deworming your puppy or dog is a simple process and prevention is key. You can also buy deworming kits online and do it yourself at home. Be sure to carefully read the dosages.

Licking – If the dog keeps licking one area of its body regularly then that’s a sign. He might have got a wound or infection in that area that needs immediate attention. If the wound is not treated fast enough then the dog can get maggots. Dogs may also lick their paws or other parts of the body if they feel some sort of pain. If the licking is not constant, your dog maybe cleaning themselves or doing it for comfort.

Rabies – It is the most common disease in dog. Best to have your pup vaccinated for Rabies as soon as you have him so that he does not have problems later in his life. Rabies are easily prevented through vaccinations. Rabies vaccinations can last two or three years with boosters.


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