Chocolate Labrador Rescue

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All about chocolate Labrador Retriever rescue and adoption, merely a title I gave for the blog article to get your attention regarding Lab rescue. Because of their exceptional personality, tremendous popularity, Labrador Retrievers are frequently found in animal shelter homes.  There are many Labrador Retriever rescue organizations to help these dogs.chocolate labrador rescue

Although Labs make wonderful pets, many people are unprepared for their level of energy as puppies and young dogs.  Labradors can be very exuberant dogs when they’re young.  This means they may jump up on people, zoom around the house, bark, and chew.  With many dogs these would indicate problem behaviors but in the case of a Lab, he may do these things from an excess of energy, not out of boredom or to be destructive.

Young Labs need a lot of exercise and they need training.  Many people aren’t aware of these things when they get a Lab puppy and they end up turning the puppy into a shelter or rescue group. A Lab may continue to act like a puppy for 2-3 years until starting to mellow.  For this reason, there are a lot of young, juvenile Labs in rescue.  There are also older Labs in rescue, too.

 Pros And Cons Of A Rescue Lab

Most people love puppies but they are a lot of work.  If you get a puppy you can count on spending the first few weeks and perhaps months working on house training.  You’ll also have to teach your puppy some manners.  Some people may not have this much time to devote to a puppy but they would still like to have a Lab.  A rescue Lab may be a good choice in this situation, especially if you get an older Lab.  These dogs have probably already been house trained and they have some manners.

Of course, there are many young Labs looking for a home.  They may know their house training but they may need some help with their other manners.  They could have issues with jumping up on people or chewing, for example. These dogs could be a “project” dog for someone who had the time to work with them.  But they would make great pets for the right person.

There may also be some Labs in rescue who come from an abusive background.  These dogs could take much more work since they could carry some emotional baggage.  They may have issues with separation anxiety or problems with fears and phobias. You might have to work with a professional dog trainer to help them.

Don’t let these problems discourage you, an old dog can be taught new tricks. Many of these abused animals can transition into wonderful family pets through training. They can be taught to trust human beings again. Here are some of the chocolate Labrador rescue centers information in New York.

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