Cleaning Hacks for Pet Lovers, Keep Pet Allergies at Bay

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It is assumed that people intending to buy a house and live with pets are generally happier and healthier. The bad news with this is that your house is not. With pets come a lot of hair everywhere and probably misplaced things all around especially if the pet is not trained well. To control all that mess that may be brought about by you, here is a list of cleaning habits that will ensure you both co-exist in a clean tidy house with your pet.

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Pet Hair on Clothes, Furniture

Pet hair normally comes out so easily even fur. You should be having with lint rollers. It removes fur from any surface where the pet had stayed. Be it from your clothes when you were carrying the pet around, or from the furniture or just the floor.

In case you do not have the lint roller you could also use packing tape to pick the hair or wet rubber glove or simply a dryer sheet. You are advised to vacuum your carpets and furniture in order to collect any fur that was remaining or dirt then clean out the vacuum after that. It is not good judgment to use a vacuum on hardwood floors or tiles as you will damage your floor instead use a rubber broom.

Pet Hair Removal

Always wash and brush your pet regularly to avoid pet-related crud in your home. You could start with vacuuming their fur first. A Dyson Groomer has got an attachment that sucks the pet hair and other allergens from your cat or dog. It is more efficient than a caliber brush as it also pulls dead skin from your pet’s body.

In case your pet fears the vacuum apply the use of positive reinforcement. This is when you vacuum the furniture and carpets; you could be giving them a small treat until they will no longer fear the vacuum.

Clean Your Pet’s Paws

You should wipe off mud, dirt or any other gunk from their paw. Probably you had gone for a walk with your dog, upon coming back before you allow him to the house, wipe off his paws so that dirt will not be tracked inside the house.

Use baby wipes to do it so that you do not injure their paws. You are also advised to baby wipe your pet before they head on to the bathtub. This is to remove extra fur on their body that may get to your pipes and clog them.

Spilled Water and Food

It is obvious that you wouldn’t expect your pet to be having table manners just like a human being. They will eat their meals and drink their water hurriedly without caring if it spills or not. The solution to this is quite simple.

Purchase a waterproof dining placemat. The mat should also be plastic and should always be placed under your pet’s feeding bowl whenever they are taking their meals. This is easy to clean up as it is a plastic material.

Bad Pet Odor

No one would wish their house to produce bad odor due to their pet’s poop or something like that. Ways to curb bad smell is always throw away the pet’s refuse after they have pooped in their respective area. You should have a place or container set aside where your pet goes to relieve themselves and then get rid of that waste.

You could also look for air fresheners to make the house smell lively. Here is how you could make a homemade deodorant that is cheap and free from chemicals. Just mix baking soda half a cup and around 15 drops of natural essential oil. Mix them in bowls, as many as you wish and then stir and leave them in strategic places. Make sure though that they are out of reach of your pet and children.

Use Humidifiers

Do you want to make your cleaning work easy? Are tired of pet fur that keeps clinging on your furniture? Then your worries are now taken care of. Humidifiers are known to loosen pet hair. This means that no pet fur will not cling to your surfaces or furniture anymore. To clean that up will be easy having to remove the pet hair stacked on your furniture.

Clean the Pet’s Vomit

If you are having a sick pet then it is a possibility they will vomit at some time. First, wait for the vomit to dry as it is easier to clean up dried than wet. Vacuum that area and then use baking soda to remove the stain. Deodorize that area and remember to clean your vacuum too. You can also purchase something like INSTAclean to remove stains that are hard to get off.

We hope these pet cleaning hacks were helpful in dealing with your pet’s mess. Keeping your pet’s environment clean as possible can also help your pet allergies at bay. If you enjoy reading our articles, kindly give us a like and share on social media, we really appreciate it. You are invited to also visit our Facebook group @ Canine Owners.