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While clicker training puppy or a dog is the simple way to start changing your dog’s behavior, we are here to share with you all the needed items and supplies. Clicker training is a great, safe, and ideal way of training your dog the right way. This is a great training method that is working so well for so many dog owners.

Clicker Training Puppy, Requirements

Though there are some things you will need to know before starting this type of training, and most importantly the items or supplies needed to clicker train your dog. So we are here to simply break it down and discuss all the necessary supplies needed to clicker train your dog.

The first and for most item that you will need to supply for clicker training your dog is the actual clicker itself. This is the most important part of clicker training. Though when it comes to picking out a clicker you need to keep in mind things such as how sound sensitive is your dog. Though for most dogs just about any clicking noise will do even a toy clicker will work though it’s highly suggested to spend the few extra dollars to pick out a real clicker which will give your dog a unique and distinct sound that best communicates with your dog. Here is a wonderful clicker I recommend for training your dog by Karen Pryor.

Karen Pryor i-Click Dog Training Clicker, 3 Clickers

Clicker Training Puppy

Once you have the clicker, the next supplies you will need are a lot of treats. It’s ideal to use small treats, break apart one really big treat, or let your dog nibble on the larger treat throughout the training period. Some may even suggest using just a hand full of food giving one piece each time. Whatever you decide try to stay consistent with what kind of treats you use early in the training.

The last real supply needed to clicker train your dog is a good leash. While for clicker training it’s best to not use the flexi leash which gives your dog more room to roam around which are great for walks, but not for this type of training. The best type of leash for this particular training is a short but comfortable leash for both you and your dog. Some larger leashes may be used, but just try to shorten them up but not too tight. A nice comfortable feel for both will work perfect.

A leash is a supply needed to clicker train your dog and is highly recommend. Some trainers depending on where they are training at can get away with just the clicker and the treat. While in a group setting for clicker training and outdoor settings as well the leash is a supply needed to clicker train your dog.

Clicker Training Dog’s Video

Clicker Training Dogs -

As you will quickly find out that this type of training is one of the easiest, best, most effective, and the best part of all, it requires very few supplies. It’s as simple as going out and picking out a clicker, while we are sure that most dog owners could find that they already have over half of the supplies needed for clicker training.

Dog Clicker Training

So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you go and pick out a clicker today and start seeing your dog’s behavior change with just adding one simpler dog supply? You will not be able to find any other dog training that will require only going out and purchasing one more supply. That’s why clicker training is simple and cost-effective for so many dog owners.