Corgi Puppies, Buying a Corgi Puppy

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The Corgi continues to pick up popularity among dog lovers all over the world. It is perhaps their adorable looks that makes this breed irrisistable to many. A well cared for Corgi can be a great companion to you for up to 15 years.

Are you ready to own Corgi puppies? Buying a puppy shouldn’t be a split second decision. There is a lot of work that goes into owning and caring for a dog or a puppy. I would like to share with you my knowledge on Corgi dogs and puppies.

Corgi Types

You should know there are two types of Corgi’s out there. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi isn’t born with a tail unlike the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The Pembroke weighs less and is slightly smaller than the Cardigan. The Cardigan will have a longer body than the Pembroke. Both of these Corgi types can weigh around 30 pounds as adults.Corgi Puppies

Corgi Personality

Corgi puppies are highly energetic little guys but they will do fine in an apartment setting if exercised well. The Pembroke tend to bark more than the Cardigan‚ they should be trained not to do this if you are living in an apartment. If you have a home‚ their barking skills will be an asset to you as they make great watch dogs. They will get along with other household pets and have a friendly temperament toward kids.

Corgi Care

A Corgi has medium short hair which is fairly easy to groom. You can brush it 1 to 2x a week. They shed their coats 2x a year during Spring and Fall. Their coat is water resistant and come in colors such as sable‚ red or tri-colors.

Corgi’s should be put on low fat diet as it is easy for this breed to gain weight.
Extra weight gain will come with its own problems such as back pains for the Corgi. They are also susciptible of Glaucoma and PRA.

Since diet is a crucial component of a Corgi’s health and well being, here are some of the recommended dog foods for Corgi’s. These are reduced fat dog foods, choose one that your dog likes. Try out the wellness core dog food first as it is a grain free food. Not all dog’s prefer grain free foods but if  your Corgi does then it is better for his or her health.

Buying Corgi Puppies

You should always buy your puppy from a reputable breeder. Reputable breeders don’t sell you Corgi puppies less than 8 weeks of age. Reputable breeders will sell you a puppy with health guarantees for hip dysplasia‚ genetic eye conditions and DNA tests for bleeding disorders.

You should also be mentally‚ physically and financially prepared to care for your new puppy. You should already be prepared with bedding‚ food‚ toys and supplies while expecting your new Corgi puppy from the breeder. You are soon to be one of us‚ a proud Canine parent. Canine ownership will bring many rewards and best of all unconditional love from our dogs.