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Many people find picking their dog’s name as daunting as picking their baby’s name.  After all, the name you choose will be with you and you dog for a long time so make sure you and your family like. It is important to understand that a Dog’s name is the standard of all the commands you teach your dog, it allows your dog to identify him or herself first. Just like human names, there are popular dog names and unique dog names. You can find ideas on the internet from articles such as this one to formulate your own unique dog names. It doesn’t have to be the cutest dog names that you choose cutest dog namesbut it should be one that you are willing to stick with ones picked. My own Pit Bull’s name is Phoenix, I chose this name because of her Brindle color patterns which looked similar to ashes. I know it is stupid, but you too can be imaginative like me!

Your dog’s name and the image it conveys

Is it a surprise that more people who own a large breed such as Pit-bull Terrier are more likely to name their dog Tyson.  The name of your dog will convey a personality.  It will show others how you view your dog and your relationship with him or her.  Keep in mind that the name of your dog will have a direct relationship with the way people will react, whether it be positive or negative.  Your dog could be the friendliest dog in the world but if you name her Killer, then expect a lot of nervous people when your dog is around. This is especially true with larger dogs which others may not be comfortable with already (Rottweilers, Dobermans, Boxers etc.). So choose your dog’s name wisely.

Here are some great name suggestions for your puppy dog. You can use these as a guideline for naming your dog. Unique names are always the best, look at their coloring, personality, background and patterns when it comes to picking unique names. You can even go into other cultures and languages to pick very good and unique dog names.

Top 10 Cutest Dog Names (MALE)

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Top 10 Cutest Dog Names (Female)



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The most common question many dog owners always ask is: Does my dog really know his or her name? The answer is of course they do, the easiest way to teach dog their name is to call the name and as soon as the dog makes eye contact you praise it. Do this a few times and you are set. Keep using your dogs name for all training purposes. It is better to pick shorter names for training purposes. If you have more interesting dog names please comment on this post and add to my post.