Dentastix Dog Treats, Dog Treats Review

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Dentastix Dog Treats Review

This is a review for Dentastix dog treats, Many of you probably have seen Dentastix in Petco or PetSmart shelves. It is a product made by Pedigree and its job is to clean your dogs mouth and gum line. It helps to clean your dogs mouth by remove plaque and tartar accumulation. These treats are shaped in such a way that it is easy for it to get in between the gum line to clean thoroughly.  Dentastix dog treats is a lifesaver for those of you have sensitive dogs that do not like to be brushed. In the morning when you brush your teeth, give one Dentastix to your dog and they brush their teeth as well.Dentastix Dog Treats

Pedigree stays behind its product and guarantees that Dentastix will remove at least eighty percent of the tartar build up in your dogs mouth and gum line. There were many clinical trails done prior to releasing this product on the market.  These treats are also available for dogs of all sizes including small breeds, large breeds and even giant breeds. Step in and give Dentastix a try if you are a person who do not like doggy breath. Here are some of the reviews I have found online regarding Dentastix dog treats.

You can read about the ingredients in Dentastix below, it consists of the following ingredients.

Dentastix reviews

Dentastix dog treats have been around now for a few years and it is doing well with the dog owners. Dog owners are complimenting the product positively in websites like Amazon.  Not only these treats clean your dogs mouth, they are also low in calories. The calorie intake matches the type of dog that you feed it to including small breeds and large breeds. For the large breed packets, they only contain 70 calories and 44 for the small breed. All you need is one treat per day for one dog to get the job done.  If your dogs are sensitive to Dentastix be sure to let them adjust to it first by only giving small amounts to start. You shouldn’t rely completely on this product to clean your dog’s mouth. You should also brush their teeth and do oral checkups but you can certainly cut down on the number of visits.

Dentastix Prices and Purchase Online

The best deals that I’ve found for Dentastix are placed on this post. The bag that weighs 5.57 ounces and includes a pack of 10 costs only about $35.43. You can also buy the variety pack if you want with three different flavors beef, original and fresh.  Dentastix is a favorite among all dog lovers in the community. Be sure to pick a product that is right for your dog breed size, treats for toy breeds are now available as well. Amazon is a great place to buy Dentastix and if you are an Amazon Prime customer you can save a lot of money on shipping costs. You can browse through the following page and pick a package that is right for your dog’s size.