Dog Breed Selector, Dog Breed Selector Quiz

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“Dog Breed Selector, Learn About One of the Best Tools to Know About Dog Breeds”

A dog breed selector is one of the most important tools you have as a dog breeder, especially when beginning dog breeding as a business or individual.  They will help you get to know different breeds and give you detailed information about them.

The Internet has made dog breed selectors easily available, perhaps the most popular is the Animal Planet’s Dog Breed Selector.  It is easy to use and has a lot of breeds, to help you learn about their history and characteristics.  They offer a list of breeds sorted by alphabetical order, so you can easily find the breed you want.Dog Breed Selector

Dog breed selectors can also help you choose a dog to own as a pet.  It is important that you go beyond the looks and start taking into account other things like the environment they live (very important to keep the dog happy) and their personality traits.  There are many people that buy a dog because they look cute, only to find out once they grow that he dog is too much for them to handle.  This happened during the “Dalmatian fever” after the movie 101 Dalmatians, owners ended up with big Dalmatians full of energy living in small spaces.

This rush of buying a dog of course makes both the dog and the owner unhappy.  As you see then, the information provided by dog breed selectors is very important.

There are other online dog breed selectors that give you an array of breeds according to previous questions.  This can be great when choosing the best breeds for you but you shouldn’t rely solely on what these results give you.  Dog breeding is a fascinating subject and with tools like these ones we can enjoy the discovery of new breeds better!

Selecting a Breed with the Help of a Dog Breed Selector

When selecting a breed you should go beyond just the “looks factor”, a dog may look cute and lovable BUT… is it the right one considering your own environment/habits/likes/dislikes, etc.?

The great thing about dog breeder selectors is that they ask you a lot of questions to finally give you a suggestion.  These are question that might never have thought about, like:

Do you prefer a high-maintenance or low-maintenance dog?

Do you have any kind of dog allergy?  Is it soft or severe?

Does your dog need to be easy to train?

Do you prefer a dog that has high-activity or low activity?