Dog Breeding Supplies, Getting Ready for Whelping Puppies

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Dogs should start breeding once they are 2 years old and the frequency should be once in a year at most. This applies to female dogs as their reproductive system should be fully stable before getting pregnant. Male dogs don’t have this problem, although you’ll need to keep a check on his sperm count if he is breeding every day for a long period of days. This article reflects on the dog breeding supplies needed for breeding and whelping puppies.

“As a Dog Breeder, You Will Need Dog Breeding Supplies Needed to Assure Good End Results”

Dog breeding supplies are handled by all professional breeders. They must ensure they have quality and will be of help for successfully breeding a dog.

Dog Breeding SuppliesThere are different kinds of supplies and products, and your choice will be based on your business or dog’s needs.  Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Milk Replacement, these milk replacements are specially formulated to safely replace the mother’s milk, providing the puppy with similar taste and nutrition. Milk replacements made by Esbilac is a good choice even for a total replacement of the mother’s milk. You can get Esbilac in liquid or power form to be be mixed with water. A 12 OZ container will cost you $13 and the liquid form is cheaper to buy.
  • Nursing Kits, these are special kits with small bottles, brushes and nipples, to help the puppy drink the milk.  You can easily find reusable bottles that only need previous sterilization.
  • Supplements, these multivitamins will supplement the puppy or the mother’s nutrition, other supplements will help stimulate the appetite of the dog and help increasing weight.
  • Puppy pens, they are great for transporting, whelping, or safeguarding puppies, especially at dog shows.  There are other people than use them to keep puppies from damaging fabrics or furniture.
  • Pet beds, you can find special beds that cool down or heat up according to the weather; they will help keep the dogs happy and healthy. I don’t recommend the electric ones due to their cords especially near puppies.
  • Latex Gloves, These dog breeding supplies are really helpful, and if you run a business, you should keep plenty of these latex gloves at hand.
  • Blood Collecting Kits, these are kits that include everything to take blood samples for selecting a mate and checking the puppy’s health.
  • Artificial Insemination Kits, some breeders prefer artificial insemination for breeding; these kits usually contain catheters, syringes, lubrication, and collection bags.

There are other dog breeding supplies available such as Dewormer’s, thermometers, mini scales and vaccines.  If you want a complete list you should check with your provider online or offline, most of them are happy to send you catalogs and brochures. One of the pet stores I recommend you go to online is Doctors Foster & Smith. They sell many of the vaccine sets for puppies including Bordetella and Parvovirus vaccines. If you are a novice breeder and require an extensive guide on whelping puppies, be sure to visit this wonderful site