5 Optimal Dog Dental Care Tips, Avoid Bad Breath In Dogs

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One of the most overlooked issues faced by canine owners is the smelly breath of their dogs. No matter how much you love them, bad breath could be very gross at times. 

Some dog lovers simply ignore dog dental care to the point where a dog is seriously affected by it. Just like you need to maintain your dental hygiene, it is necessary to look after your pet’s dental health. 

You will find many different supplies that will help you in keeping the dental hygiene of your dog. 

You can save big on pet supplies by visiting authentic sites where you can find all the things you need. Ignoring proper dental care of your dog could turn to be a significant health issue over time. 

This is why you must maintain an appropriate schedule of visiting the vet to take care of your dog’s dental care needs.

Below are specific tips that you should follow to have good dental health for your dog.

1. Maintain a Dental Care Routine for Your Dog

Brushing the teeth is as essential for your dog as it is for you. Dogs can also develop plaque and debris in their teeth due to the food that they eat. 

When staying in your Dog’s tooth for a long time, this residual matter can lead to severe gum and teeth issues. This is why vets advise canine owners to daily brush their pets. 

In case the owner can’t brush their dog’s teeth daily, they must do it at least once or twice a week. You should develop a schedule for their dental care. 

When a routine is developed, it becomes easy for the owner to take care of their dogs in their busy schedule. Choose a proper brush and toothpaste, which are specifically designed for dogs. 

Also, check for tooth decay signs while brushing your dog’s teeth and, in such cases, immediately go to a veterinarian for a complete dental check-up.

2. Give Your Dog Proper Chew Treats

Chewing is a natural habit of animals, and this is essential and good for the proper oral behavior of your dog. 

There are treats and toys, which are designed for dogs, and this would be quite helpful in keeping their teeth clean and healthy. Although dog treats created specifically for dental support are plentiful on the market, we’ve have had pretty good results giving our dog Dentastix. 

Look for treats that are safe to be chewed by your dog and would not do more harm than good. Treats such as real bones or other remains can be quite harmful to your dog’s teeth and overall health. 

These treats should always be avoided at any cost. Also, keep an eye that your pet does not play with house items such as tennis balls or soft toys as they can be equally harmful to them. 

Buy proper chew toys for your dogs so that they can enjoy and also benefit from them. 

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3. Follow a Nutritional Diet for Your Dogs

Having a proper diet is a significant vital part of the excellent health of dogs. 

You may want to spoil your pet to the core, but always remember that for their longevity and good health, it is necessary to follow a proper nutritional diet. 

Not all dog foods are created equal and don’t meet the nutritional requirement of every dog breed. Most dog foods are tailored to dog breeds by size or weight. Such dog food formulas range from large breed, medium, and small breed.

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You might not be aware of the food items you can give to your dogs for them to stay healthy. If you end up feeding them just anything, it can lead to tooth decay or other issues. 

In such scenarios, it is best to follow a diet provided by the Veterinarian. 

Avoid feeding them things that would develop plaque in their teeth and also leftover food from your plate, especially those which have a high level of sugar or carbohydrates. 

Also, keep a check on the things that your pet would munch on in the house. Buy food products that are recommended by your vet and feed only at the intervals that you are advised. 

Avoid giving them extra snacks to show them your affection.

4. Check for Dental Problems in Dogs

You must check if your dog is exhibiting any symptoms of a potential dental problem. 

There can be signs such as a broken tooth, weight loss, bleeding gums, yellow teeth, soreness in the gums, loss of appetite, and others. 

If you see your dog experiencing these symptoms, then it might be due to dental or any other health problems. 

In such situations, immediately contact your veterinarian and see where the issue lies. Do not avoid any symptoms or take any dental signs lightly. 

If it is taken lightly, then it could become a bigger problem in the future. Excessive drooling and terrible breath could also be a significant sign of tooth problems. 

Check your dog’s teeth properly during brushing, as well to notice any of these signs mentioned above and symptoms.

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5. Visit a Professional

Maintaining dental hygiene at home might not always be enough for complete dental care of your dog. This is why you must schedule dental check-ups with your veterinarian every month. 

They will do a proper, thorough check-up of your dog’s dental condition and do any necessary clean up or other procedures that are necessary. 

Moreover, visiting a professional would help you in understanding anything that you might not be doing or doing wrong on the excellent health of your dog. 

The vet will look at the dental condition of the dog and do a proper clean up which will remove the debris and plaque from your pet’s teeth. 

They will also make sure that the gum is healthy, and there are no symptoms of any dental problems with your dog. 


Proper dental hygiene of your dog should be a priority at all costs. Show your love and adoration for your pet not by giving them treats, but by keeping them healthy and happy all the time. 

Tend to them properly and take care of them the same way you would take care of yourself or any other family member. 

You can save big on pet supplies by visiting authentic sites where you can find all the things that you need in one place.