Dog Food Without Corn, Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

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A dog food without corn is the best choice of diet for any dog. A dog’s ancestral diet must be closely matched to provide them with nutrients for their optimal growth. A dog’s ancestral diet consists of 56 percent protein‚ 25 percent fat and 14 percent carbs. Many dog owners do not realize that their dog’s good health arise from the food that they feed them. A dog food without corn can keep gluten allergies and sensitive stomach problems at bay. It can also help out the digestion process as dogs have a hard time digesting grains.

I’ve personally dealt with one of my dog’s who had a gluten allergy. My Boxer suffered from patches of hair loss and redness around its face and neck. I took him to a veterinarian who prescribed me many creams but nothing cleared the root of the problem. It took me a while to figure out that this was an allergic reaction to gluten. At the time I was feeding him a grain included formula‚ after switching to a grain free dog food for a few weeks‚ the problem cleared own its own. Ever since this incident‚ I feed all my dogs a dog food without corn and other grains.

Dog Food Without Corn | Best Grain Free Dog Foods

Did you know that a dog lacks the salivary amylase which helps humans and other herbivores break up carbs in their mouth? This is nature telling us that dogs are meant to be on a grain free diet. Dogs descend from wolves who are carnivores. Dogs were domesticated by humans and they have adapted to an omnivorous diet but nature intended them to be carnivores. Today you can find a lot of grain free dog foods on the market. Most sensitive stomach dog foods may also contain grains unless they are specifically marked grain free. Here I will list some of the best grain free dog foods that are currently on the market.Dog Food Without Corn

Artemis Fresh Mix Maximal Dog – Artemis is a good high quality dog food with 47 percent protein‚ 24 percent fat and only 21 percent carbs. The best aspect of this dog food is that it is USDA inspected and doesn’t contain chemicals or preservatives. You can also be rest assured knowing that Artemis is made in the United States. You can get the best price on Artemis on Amazon, sometimes you even get free shipping.

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Orijen Dry Dog Food – Orijen is simply one of the best dog foods that you can buy out there. Orijen closely matches a dog’s ancestral diet and provides up to 42 percent protein while keeping the carbs down to 30 percent. The fat content is kept around 25 percent. Get the best price on Orijen dog foods below. Orijen is made by a Canadian based company.

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Blue Wilderness – This is a pretty good dog food with 40 percent protein‚ 38 percent carbs and 14 percent fat. The carbs come from sweet potatoes which is a grain free source. Here are some great deals on Blue Wilderness dog foods. Many owners of dog breeds such as toy fox terriers, Blue Heelers, Labradors, Siberian Huskies and Bernese Mountain dogs have left positive reviews about this dog food. Here is a Blue Wilderness coupon link directly from Blue Buffalo for providing a little information about you and your dog.

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Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural – Earthborn is also a high quality dog food which has 42 percent protein‚ 22 percent fat and 28 percent carbs. It is a great food to feed if you want to put some weight on a dog. You do not have to feed your dog a lot of food since it has high protein content. For under $50, this dog food is also cost-effective if you are looking for a cheaper grain free dog food. Get a $3 off dog food coupon simply by registering at their website Earthborn.

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A grain free diet or a dog food without corn is great for dogs but a switch from an old diet should be made slowly. You can start mixing the new food little at a time so that a dogs stomach can adjust to it. Some dogs that are not used to a grain free diet can have gas problems. You can easily fix this problem by adding a little Kefir or yogurt to the dog food. These products have natural probiotic and good bacteria which aids in the digestion process. You should always try to feed your dogs the recommended amount of dog food for their age and size. This is always marked in the back of every dog food product. A dog food without corn and fillers makes a happy and healthy dog.