Dog Friendly Apartment Rentals

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We all love our dogs and one day or another when we make that relocation, we may also have to take our canine companions with us. Thank god, dog friendly apartment rentals are on the rise. Although it may end up costing us, we can be rest assured that we can keep our dogs beside us. As a new apartment hunter on the market, the one sad truth is that your search is limited to only dog friendly apartments. After you find the one that suits your needs, you may have to again weed through them to pick the best ones as many have hidden costs. Here are some tips to consider when selecting your next dog friendly apartment rentals.

Your cost to Dog friendly Apartment rentals

What many online websites for dog friendly apartment rentals won’t tell you is the charges applied to you for bringing your canine friend in. Some apartments will not have a pet rent charge and others do, some may have a one time pet deposit and others may have both. I would strictly stay away from apartments that charge you a pet rent and a pet deposit on top of that. If your apartment charges a pet fee, this is is something different in that you never get it back. The main point of such fees is todog friendly apartment rentals cover any damages that dogs make while your stay there. A pet deposit is more suitable as if your dog doesn’t cause any damage at all, you can be reimbursed prior to terminating your stay there. Another reason for such fees is to cut down the amount of pets in an apartment and pets per person. Some apartments may even have restrictions by weight and it may cost you a higher deposit for dogs larger than 30-40 pounds. Always be sure that it is a pet deposit which you can get back at the end of your stay if no damage was done by your dog. Stay away from apartments that charge you a pet rent every month as you do not get this back when you terminate your lease.

Dog friendly Apartment rentals

Besides the costs of your pet’s stay in an apartment, you should also consider the amenities provided for your dog. you should ask questions such as: Does your apartment have a dog run? What are the apartments breed restrictions, if any? You would surprised to find out that many apartments are strict on certain breeds that may “pose trouble” such as American Pit Bull Terriers, Dobermans, Rottweilers etc. In my opinion, this is segregation toward dogs, although some apartment lenders are understanding and may let you get by adding that is is a mixed breed during paper work. An apartment with a fenced in dog run is very important to exercise your dog and play games such as fetch. At certain times of the day, you can have the whole dog run to yourself and you can let your dog completely off the leash till someone decides to come inside. As  a good apartment renter you should always clean after your dog and keep your environment clean for other pet owners in mind.

I hope I have made the dog friendly Apartment rentals a little bit easier on your providing some key points. Fees are not bad, as it is there to keep apartments clean and limit the number of pets a single owner could have. A good fee is the one that comes in the form of a security deposit which you can receive on your departure. Dogs are our best friends and we should be thankful for these apartments accommodating their stay.