Dog Shock Collar Review – Best Shock Collar & Best Bark Collar for Dogs

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Getting a dog shock collar is a controversial issue amongst dog owners. Dog shock collars, if used correctly can be one of the greatest tools to control our dog’s unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking, jumping, bolting, digging etc. A Dog shock collar isn’t a tool used for “punishing” the dog but rather it is used to deter unwanted behaviors in our dogs. The main point of even the best shock collar for dogs out there is to make your dog associate an unwanted behavior with an unpleasant shock. Dog shock collars does not do any long lasting harm to your dog and often the initial warning beep alone will get a dog to correct their behavior. Before we get into the best dog shock collars out there, let see how a dog shock collar operates.

dog shock collar reviews

How does a Dog Shock Collar Operate?

A dog shock collar operates by delivering a shock using the probes on the shock collar itself. Most dog shock collars come with short and long probes, you would use the long probe for the long haired dogs or dogs that have a dense coat. Every dog shock collar will come with an intensity level that you can set for the shock. On the cheaper dog collars without a remote, the intensity knob will be located in the dog collar itself and the best dog collars out there will have the intensity knob on the remote control. The intensity can be adjusted depending on how your dog’s training is going. Some dog breeds can tolerate higher intensity levels so a preset shock level may not work for all dogs.

I know what you are thinking! How do you know what is the acceptable level of shock?

Remember to always start with the lowest intensity level and going up step by step only if needed. Notice your dog’s behavior change while testing with the lowest intensity levels. If your dog is looking around, lifts their ears and noticed the slight shock that was being delivered then it is a good sign. As with anything, do not over do it! do not misuse a dog shock collar, your intend is not to punish the dog. You just want to give them a kind jolt that is uncomfortable when they misbehave.

Don’t worry! you can test the intensity levels using a tool that comes with some of the best dog shock collars such as the PetSafe Yard & Park Rechargeable Dog Training Collar. Although today, almost every dog shock collar or bark collar sold will have some time of device to test and correct the level of shock that is applied. I am glad that manufacturers include these useful tools with the products they sell which takes on a humane approach to test the collars.

Best Dog Shock Collars in the Market

If you want the best bark collar for dogs, spent a little more and get the Petsafe Yard & Park Rechargeable dog collar. The Petsafe Yard & Park is one of the best dog shock collar that you can get for your money.

The positive aspects of the Petsafe Yard & Park dog collar are as follows:

  • It has 8 levels of correction so that you can adjust the intensity need for your dog right on the remote itself. It comes factory set to level 2. Petsafe uses advanced technology to lower the output of shocks that are delivered so to not hurt the dog.
  • You can operate the beep buttons on the the remote individually for positive reinforcement training.
  • It has a very large coverage area up to 400 yards, this comes in handy when you have a large backyard like I do.
  • It is water proof so you can still use it outdoors even while it’s raining, there is a nice seal to protect the charging port.
  • It is rechargeable so that you don’t waste money on getting new batteries every few weeks. A charge can last up to 4 days. You shouldn’t leave your dog left with the collar on for more than 12 hours any way so this would be plenty enough to cover that time.
  • You can train up to 3 dogs at the same time using multiple collars which are sold separately.

Best Cheap Dog Shock Collar in the Market

If you just need a dog shock collar on the cheap, you can also get the Vastar Premium rechargeable shock collar. Although it isn’t a “premium” product like the Petsafe, Vastar will still provide you with up to 330 yards of coverage. It can be used with dogs ranging from 25 pounds all the way up to 100 pounds. Although it is not waterproof like the Petsafe, it is water resistance and can withstand some moisture levels. However, you must take the dog collar of when your dog is swimming or diving.  You can add a second receiver to it as well if you need to control two dogs at the same time.

The PatPet PTS-008 is also a similar model to Vastar Premium although it doesn’t have rechargeable batteries.  It uses the standard triple AAA batteries and does take 4 batteries so it can be an ongoing expense compared to Vastar Premium and Peftsafe models. It can be used with dogs ranging from 15 pounds to 100 pounds. Patpet comes with two collars out of the box so that you can train two dogs at the same time (note: only during promotions).  They also provide a 90 day money back guarantee so that you can be assured that your investment is safe.

Best Cheapest Dog Shock Collar in the Market

If you are looking for shock collar even cheaper than the ones mentioned above but still holds many of the features then the PetTech Collar is a wonderful choice.  It fits dogs weighing from just 10 pounds to even 100 pounds. Just like the quality Petsafe brand, PetTech is also waterproof and rechargeable. The range is also great covering up to 400 yards which is great for people with bigger backyards. You can pair it with one more additional PetTech PT0Z1 collar for just $30.  This one even comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. That means even if your dog gets a hold of the collar itself and shreds it into pieces, they will still honor the warranty.

Best Bark Collar in the Market -- Control Excessive Dog Barking

There are also options for those of you who just need a bark collar to control a single behavior such as barking. A bark collar is different from a shock collar in that a bark collar detects the vibrations in your dog’s throat caused by the barking and responds with warning beeps. A shock is then applied if the dog continues to escalate. This is automatic and you often don’t have control over the bark collar like you do with a shock collar.  For indoor use, the Vastar AD900 bark collar would be the most affordable solution.

Here is a situation where I had to use a dog bark collar..

My dog would bark non stop at anyone coming over to our house even if she already knew them. She would not stop barking until they had left. Her constant barking behavior became such a nuisance for us and our guests so I’ve used the Vastar AD900 myself to control my dog’s barking. I can tell you that it worked wonders. Our dog’s barking habits and anxiety levels dropped considerably after the second trial with this product. It did take two trials for her to get the idea that a shock is coming after the beeps. It does send out warning beeps before the shock is applied so my dog would just stop barking at the first or second beep. It does come with a small 6 volt battery, I cannot tell you how long the battery will last as we only use it as needed. We had it for a few months and haven’t replaced the battery thus far.

Dog Shock Collar Training Videos

If you are unsure on how to use a dog shock collar or how to get started, don’t worry “Ty the Dog Guy” got you covered. Here is a video on how to train your dog properly using a dog shock collar from “Ty the Dog Guy“. Be sure to follow his channel to see different dog training scenarios.

How to Use an Electric Collar to Train a Dog to Come When called

You are not being a bad canine parent by using a dog shock collar. As you can see there are many benefits to dog shock collars and even dog bark collars. A dog shock collar or bark collar, if used correctly can be a very powerful tool to correct any unwanted behaviors in our dogs. Poor dog training or no training at all is sometimes the reason why a lot of dogs end up in shelters. Be sure to use positive reinforcement even while using a dog shock collar. Reward them with a treat for all positive behaviors displayed. Remember to never overuse a shock collar or a bark collar; do not leave it on the dog for prolonged periods of time. Finally, be sure to pick a dog shock collar or bark collar that is ideal for your purpose.

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