Doggie Day Care NYC

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It is best to always have the good environment and great niche for dogs every time the owners are not around at home to take care of them. Similar to the child day care, there is also the so-called dog day care or us loving dog owners call it “doggie day care”. Doggie Day Care NYC, article talks about some of the best and cheapest day care centers in New York City for your canines.

There are plenty of benefits that dog day care can bring to dogs as well as the dog owners. Aside from the fact that it provides a healthy and safe atmosphere for dogs, it also provides a lot of interaction for dogs with their fellow dogs. With this care, dogs are allowed to participate in group plays, hang out with humans inside the office, gnaw on their favorite toys, watch television and lounge freely on a couch. Furthermore, every dog feels being homed.

What is a Dog Day Care Center?

The idea of dog day care started out in 1987 at California. As the years went by, the idea rapidly grow like a phenomenal in the United States. Nowadays, there are several centers dedicated for dog day care. Even other dog businesses have added services for it. Nevertheless, not all dogs are appropriate for dog day care since there are dogs that are very aggressive and over-protective in nature.

As an owner of a dog day care center, the day care services must be deep and broad. Aside from the Doggie Day Care NYCcommon services, the centers can combine services on grooming, training and overnight boarding. It can also include other extras such as aromatherapy treatments, canine massage, and dog check-ups by visiting veterinary professional. There are some centers that sell dog equipments such as leashes and collars, dog toys and treats.

A dog day care center is basically set on huge and open spaces such as renovated warehouses and pole building. It is huge because there are divisions provided in it where the separation of the large dogs, small dogs and medium-sized dogs is very important. Another thing to consider is that there is an outdoor exercise area for dogs to play and couch around. Some centers even provide furniture for climbing. Some may have tunnels where dogs can be able to hide in, climb and run around.

Doggie Day Care NYC, Restrictions

Not all dogs are allowed to enter a dog day care center. There is a screening process required for the dogs prior to entry. A center for dog care may have policies about preventive medical care. There is also an entrance exam required for dogs to take to assure that excessive shyness, fear or aggression will never be a problem. The screening processes of most centers for dog care involved interviews with the dog owners. It is important that dog owners must be honest about the behaviors and characteristics of their dogs. The evaluation of the dogs in the screening processes involves if the dog fearful of humans, protective of territory, toy or food aggressive.

As mentioned above, a dog day care is may not be advisable for all dogs especially for older dogs. There are cases that older dogs are having troubles in adjusting to the environment of a dog day care center. Older dogs often have the fear of adjusting to commotions, romping and playing around in a huge place. For shy dogs, they often get overwhelmed by the crowd of other dogs. And for aggressive dogs, they don’t usually have a place in group settings.

A list of the best Doggie Day Care NYC

From my personal experience here are the best day care centers in New York City. These are listed from prices high to low. American kennels are providing their $10 introductory package currently and you can get one month of day care for as low as $299. At Biscuits and Bath they will try to work with your budget. They provide packages as low as $17 per day. At Dog Wash NYC, they will care for your dog for $27 if it is less than 6 hours a day and $33 for the whole day.