Feeding Dogs Raw Chicken, Benefits of Raw Diet

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A raw diet of meat or feeding dogs raw chicken is something worth looking into if you own dogs. Dogs are carnivores and rarely will eat plants. We mix dog food to contain vegetables and so on and that might be healthy or not for the animals. The debate rages on. Protein is like a stimulant for dogs. Once they get it into their system they’re raring to go and fit for action and play. Taking the right care of your dog is of utmost importance and the jury is still out on feeding dogs raw chicken successfully.

Feeding Dogs Raw Chicken

Dogs are  naturally muscular, have strong bones and are energetic. They love to play and the rumors of them being overly aggressive due to feeding raw meats are still in issue of hot debates. When I mention the topic of feeding dogs chicken to my friends, they are often shocked and tells me that my dog is going to eat me one day. Feeding them raw meat doesn’t make them more aggressive and doing it the right way can lead to a healthy pet overall.

First of all don’t feed the puppies raw meat unless the vet says so. A puppy’s digestive system is not fully developed to handle raw meats just yet and then there is salmonella worries. You can however start them off with boiled meats. As your dog gets older choose cuts of meat that the dog can digest easily and aren’t loaded with fats and chemicals. Remember, the meat we humans eat can be filled with all sorts of compounds and chemicals that can be detrimental to a dog. Hormones, salt water, chemicals are often put into the animals the meats come from. It’s bad enough for people so you can imagine what it can do to a dog. If you can, find range fed chicken to feed the dogs.Feeding Dogs Raw Chicken

A Guide to Feeding Dogs Raw Chicken

A full grown dog can average several pounds of meat a day depending on the breed. That can be expensive. It’s time to do some logistics here so that you can budget yourself to feed the dog and not go broke. Look around your area for farms, butcher shops, or specialized processors of meats to see what deals can be had. Get the meats cheap but don’t short on quality. Sure you’re not going to be feeding the critters filet mignon but you also don’t want to give them such a poor quality of meat that it doesn’t do the best. I often find some good quality meat from the local butcher shops, my dogs seem to love chicken backs.

Feeding dogs raw chicken is the best idea as you can find it cheaper than other meats. You may have to do a bit of dressing yourself to prep the meats such as cleaning and cutting the meat into proportions the dog can eat and not make a mess. I also wash it with vinegar and pack the pieces into small ziploc bags so they don’t stick together. You might prepare a week’s worth of meat in one shot, freezing the excess and defrosting it each day. It is best to freeze meats for at least three days prior to feeding as it gets rid of all the salmonella worries.

While feeding dogs raw chicken, don’t microwave it to warm it up. I just give the pieces to my American Pit Bull Terrier straight from the fridge. She often takes her time and warms it up with her own saliva and finishes it within a few minutes. If you wish to warm up the meat yourself, just wait until it’s thoroughly defrosted and then a slight turn in a fry or saucepan can do the trick.

Realize that you should monitor your dog during the feeding dogs raw chicken regimen. Keep an eye on their behavior and their coat, teeth, and nose and nails. Any discoloration or signs of allergies should be documented and sent to your veterinarian. Usually you will not be faced with any allergies as most dogs that are allergic to commercial diets are placed on a raw diet. Make sure you chat with your vet about your dog’s raw diet as they may have more valuable information.Pit Bull Raw Diet

Raw diets are all the rage amongst us humans and now it’s for our dogs. It could be a big boon for them or a bust. Just study up and apply the diet accordingly and see what happens. I have always had great luck with feeding my dogs a partially raw diet.  I supplement all of the nutrients that she is missing through a good commercial food like the ones I reviewed in the article “Best Food for Your Dogs”  As a dog owner I am happy knowing that my dog really enjoys her meal and she is in excellent health. If you are feeding dogs raw chicken already, let us know how it goes for you by leaving us a comment.

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