Got Dog Fleas? Best Treatment for Fleas on Dogs

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Here are some tips and tricks on how to deal with fleas on dogs and treatment for fleas on dogs. Fleas can be quite harmful to your dog if it goes unnoticed; they can cause diseases such as Bartonella and Anemia.

As a new dog owner, It was last summer when I first battled with dog fleas on my Pit Bull Terrier. My dog got dog fleas that went unnoticed for a few weeks, and those suckers were draining blood from my dog’s body for some time. At first, I wasn’t sure what to do. My instinct told me to pluck those suckers out with anything that I had on hand. Soon I realized, that wasn’t the right approach to getting rid of fleas. I needed a dog flea treatment that can kill all of them at once.

fleas pitbull

After doing some research on the best product to get rid of dog fleas, I was confused as to which product works the best. I didn’t want to invest in a product that is not satisfactory, as dog flea treatments can be quite expensive. Also, I didn’t want to spend money on dog flea treatment from big brand manufacturers that provided the same results as cheaper brands. Before I discuss the best flea treatment for dogs, here are some insights regarding dog fleas.

Got Dog Fleas? But How do I Know for Sure?

Your dog may itch and scratch for other reasons, which may not always indicate a flea problem, but rather, mites, allergies, etc. can cause dogs to itch. 

Dog fleas are actual insects that you can see with the naked eye. They resemble a pear seed, which you can often find by uncovering the roots of your dog’s hair. Please see the graphic below on how you can discover these suckers. Fleas usually hang around the shoulder blades of your dog, keep looking for them until you find one. You may also find flea excretions which may look tiny black dots. 

got dog fleas

Once you are sure it is fleas that you are dealing with, the chances are that they have invaded your home as well. However, We will first deal with the flea problem on your dog.

Treatment for Fleas on Dogs

There are many flea treatments for dogs in the market, but not all of them are created equal. You would want to pick a flea treatment that can kill fleas as well as any leftover flea larva. Frontline Plus is a popular flea and tick treatment that is often recommended by Veterinarians. It is pricey and more of a mainstream product that is widely known but costs a premium. 

There are also more affordable flea treatments on the market, such as Petarmor Plus for dogs which contains similar ingredients as Frontline Plus. I have used Petarmor on my Pit Bull with excellent results. Petarmor also targets flea larva and not just fleas.

The critical thing to remember when buying a dog flea treatment is to buy one that supports the weight of your dog. Your dog’s weight plays a huge part in what flea treatment dosages they get.

Prevent Fleas on Dogs 

Prevention is vital when it comes to managing flea infestations. You can put your dog on a quality topical flea treatment such as Bayer Advantage II and keep fleas at bay. You can also prevent fleas on dogs through oral supplements such as Capstar for Dogs 26-125lbs and Capstar for Dogs 2-25lbs

Capstar is a product that I have personally used on our dog and highly recommend it to our readers.

Another inexpensive choice is TevraPet Activate II, which provides the same level the protection but without the higher costs. I have not personally used this product on my dog, so I cannot recommend it, and the reviews are somewhat mixed.

Dog Flea Medication Application Tips

Dog flea medications must be applied in a specific way to provide optimum results. Here are some infographics showing you how to use flea medications on your dog correctly.

treatment for fleas on dogs

Bathing after Treatment for Fleas on Dogs

After applying treatment for fleas on dogs, please be sure not to bathe your dog right away. Bathing your dog right away can get rid of some of the natural oils in your dog’s skin. It is the natural oils in a dog’s skin that transports the flea medication into your dog’s subcutaneous fat layer. You can safely bathe your dog a week after the flea treatment.

If your dog is on preventative treatment, where your dog ingests the medication, you can bathe your dog regularly without it affecting the flea treatment.

I found that you can use any dog shampoo for bathing your dog after a flea treatment; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a flea and tick shampoo. If you are looking for a flea & tick shampoo for peace of mind, the Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Shampoo is affordable and gets the job done. However, I recommend using a simple shampoo like the WAHL Dry Skin & Itch Relief, which includes coconut fatty acids and helps to moisturize the dog’s skin after flea treatment. 

Resolve the Flea Home Invasion

After finding a treatment for fleas on dogs, you should now divert your attention to the insides of your home. Chances are If your dog had fleas, they might be present in your home as well. 

Did you know fleas can lay up to fifty eggs a day?

Be sure to thoroughly vacuum your whole house and wipe down any hard surfaces. Rent a steam vacuum and deep clean those rugs and carpets. Purchase a good flea spray and spray down window treatments, sofas, and any dark areas in your house. I often opt for natural remedies while dealing with fleas inside of the home. Here is a plant-based product that I recommend by Vet’s Best.

Fleas love living in dim parts of your home, so be sure to clean under sofas and any other areas your pet usually hangs out. 

I hope this information helped you in selecting a suitable flea medication for your dog. Please consider joining our Facebook group @Cainineowners (we would love to see your canine family).