Gotti Pit Bull Puppies, All about Gotti Pit Bulls

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You are here because you have heard about the variety of Pit Bull bloodlines out there including the Gotti Pit Bulls. I have to admit the Gotti Pit Bull puppies are adorable, they are a part of the American Bully genes. Gotti Pit Bull’s were created by a man in the name of Richard Barajas. American Bully’s are not viscous as they look, they make

Gotti Pit Bull Puppies

Gotti Pit Bull Puppy

very good family pets. In the 1900’s they were the product of trying to cut out aggression in the American Pit Bull. Personally, I believe people dog aggression is the result of having poor handlers. Animal aggression in the Pit Bull however is innate, it can be suppressed or brought out with human intervention. Do we really need a bloodline of Gotti Pit Bull puppies? My answer would be NO, as it greatly diminishes the health of a normal American Pit Bull Terrier. Their life span is reduced, they have more health problems and they are not as agile as the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Gotti Pit Bull Puppies

A dog named Juan Gotty who was owned by Richard Barajas of West Side Kennels. This dog produced most of the Gotti line Pit Bulls that we see today. Thanks to Juan Gotty, more than 700 Gotti line Pit Bull puppies were registered with the United Kennel Club. In appearance, Gotti Pit Bull puppies and adults are stocky and massive with large heads. American Bullies are known for their bully like appearance often used as a status quo for drug dealers and even the general public. All of the sudden people feel invincible simply because a Gotti is with them. Gotti Pit Bull puppies are short and low to the ground but can weigh as much as 90-100 pounds. The Gotti Pit Bull American Bully temperament is however mellow, they are people pleasers. Gotti Pit Bull’s are the result of breeding Bull Dogs, American Stafford-shire’s with Pit bull Terriers.

Related Bloodlines to the Gotti Pit Bull

Greyline Pit Bull Pictures

Greyline Pit Bull

The American Bully comes in other bloodlines such as Watchdog, Monster G, Razors Edge etc. They were developed by other breeders who then branded their own line of dogs. Many breeders are not experienced in developing these varieties so backyard breeding becomes a major problem. The true breeders of these lines value the quality of their pups and they can cost anywhere from $1000 dollars and up. If you are an experienced American Bully breeder be sure to get Gotti Pit Bulls from a reputable breeder. American Bully’s in general are not considered to be working canines although the greyline genetics made it possible to create a working line as well. The greyline was a healthier Pit Bull line compared to today’s Gotti Pit Bull as they weren’t overly stocky. They were called greyline Pit Bulls because of their coat coloring of grey and they always came with cropped ears.

When purchasing Gotti Pit Bull puppies be sure to do so from a reputable breeder and not backyard breeders. You will know if they are backyard breeders if they can’t answer questions regarding the Gotti Pit Bull bloodline, temperament and other genetic information. Be sure to stay away from breeders that sell puppies for as low as $200 to make a quick buck. Always make sure these puppies comes with proper vet checkups, shots, deworming and papers. You should also ask for questions regarding health guarantees and genetic hip scores. A good breeder should be able to provide you with all of these information and more.

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