How to Build an Insulated Dog House

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Where will the dog stay is an important issue to discuss. Will the dog stay inside your house or will he stay outdoors? If your dog is a watch dog or a guard dog that stays outside, I will discuss how to build an insulated dog house for them further in this article.

If it’s an indoor dog and not a watch dog then keeping him inside the house is the best thing. I myself find dogs as part of my family and I can’t imagine my Pit Bull Terrier Phoenix staying outdoors while I am inside. Make little space for the dog and arrange his dog mattress for him to sit and sleep over there. Make sure to tell the dog as to where he needs to sleep if he ends up sleeping at some other place in the house. Dogs are highly intelligent and they will follow your house rules with some basic training. I understand dogs bred for a specific purpose such as guarding is hardy and can stay out doors as long as you keep them safe and comfortable.How to Build an Insulated Dog House

If the Dog is an outdoor one then you will have to build a Dog house / Kennel for him to stay in. Make a Big Dog house for him to stay in with all the other items that are needed like food, clean water to drink and cozy bed to sleep in. You can also buy many good pre made dog houses for $100 to $200 bucks. Be sure to keep your adult dog’s size in mind when getting a dog house. Mastiffs such as Great Danes and Cane Corso’s can get huge as adults.

Igloo Dog Houses

If you are too fussy about cleaning your dog’s house then it is better you go for a plastic house (igloo) rather than a wooden doghouse. The plastic house is economical and easier to clean. Be careful with plastic dog houses as some dogs are allergic to plastic. It can cause rashes or bumps around their lips and mouth. Dogs can scratch and chew on the plastic material. The initial cheaper costs may not be worth it in the long run.

How to Build an Insulated Dog House

Building a dog house is not hard at all of you are crafty. It can be done for as low as $100. For medium to large dogs you would need at least a 2*4 frame, 4 foot in height and 8 foot in length. You can then carve out a front entrance and paint it to match your interest. When building a doghouse, it should never be very big or very small for the intended dog. Get it built in such a way that the dog gets light and fresh air. You can buy electric mats for heating your dog house or buy self heating beds that uses your own dogs body heat to keep them warm. If you are buying electric mats be sure to secure any electric cords from the dogs visibility by putting it through a pipe. For an expert guide how to build an insulated dog house visit

Tips to Remember

  • If you live in a place which has extreme climatic conditions then insulated dog houses are the best. Insulated dog houses can go well beyond $200 dollars.
  • Best to have a Doghouse with removable roof because it will easier for you to remove it and clean the house.
  • Wooden dog houses are better in the summer time than igloo as it lets air go through it.
  • Building a dog house on your own is cheaper than commercially bought dog houses. Build the dog house based on you adult dog’s size.