In Home Pet Services, Finding a Dog Sitter in Your Area

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As a world full of start up companies are popping up everywhere, many dog lovers are taking on in home pet services such as dog sitting. Today, finding a dog sitter in your area is easy as visiting a website, plugging in your days and times. In the earlier days, we would have to put local advertisements or find craigslist ads that may or may not to be trustworthy. is here to change all that, finding a dog sitter in your area has never been easier.

Rover Reviews

Using Rover, you can find pet sitters for as low as $25 per night. Not only can you find pet sitters, you can also choose between dog sitters with the best ratings and skills. You can also filter your in home pet services and choose between sitters with their own homes or apartments. You can interview these sitters and ask them about their love for dogs and their experiences with them. Most sitters will love to tell you their story and where they come from. You can also get some references from them to further increase your trust in them.

But, What if my dog doesn’t get along with other dogs?

You can now choose dog sitters with or without dogs of their own. I was surprised to find so many dog sitters around my area, one zip code search turned up. I will be content knowing that I won’t have to send my dog’s to a kennel if a situation arise. Here are tips to make sure that all of your dog’s needs will be met by the dog sitter while you are gone.

In Home Pet Services – Dropping Your Dog off to a Dog Sitter

  • If you have the time always do a meet and greet at your potential dog sitter’s house so that you have that added peace of mind. Some dog’s may need that initial introduction to a new person along with their pack leader (yourself). You can also confirm your vacation details and timing and charges as well.
  • Be sure to tell the sitter about your dog’s medical concerns. Some sitters may not be comfortable administering medications and insulin so find out early if they don’t already provide this information in their Rover listing. Should an emergency arise, find out if they will have transportation to get to the animal hospital.
  • Make your dog sitter aware of any behavioral problems that your dog may have. Some dogs can get frustrated and become anxious while crated, some dogs may not tolerate kids in the household. Some dog’s may not be friendly to strangers. Some dogs may need a large backyard to run around to expend their energy so that they don’t become destructive.
  • You should drop off your dog’s favorite food with the dog sitter as sudden changes in food can cause diarrhea in dogs. You should also buy them enough treats for the time that you will be gone. Instead of prepaying your sitter to buy the treats that your dog need, it is best to just drop them off so that the sitter doesn’t make an error in getting the wrong snacks.
  • You should make your sitter aware of your dog’s potty habits. When does she usually go potty and is there a schedule? Some dogs are trained to make the owner aware when they want to go outside. My own dog usually lets me know by making a distinct whining noise when she has to go potty.
  • Be sure to get all your dog supplies in order for drop-off. You will be in a vacation mood while you come back and forget what you initially dropped off. Be sure to give your sitter your dog’s leash, toys, emergency contact information, medications etc.
  • Most sitters will take the initiative to send you updates and pictures of your dog while you are away. I had a sitter that even took some videos and send it to me on Facebook. Communicate with the sitter on how to keep you updated while you are away.

Locking your dogs away in a kennel while you are away is history! Thanks to Rover, you no longer have to worry about your pets while you are on vacation. I hope this article was informative for you in finding in-home pet services for your dog. Rover is a free service that you can browse through to find many dog sitters around your location.

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