15 Insane Pit Bull Mixes, Adorable Pit Bull Mixed Dogs

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Are you ready to see the 20 most insane Pit Bull mixes? Most people are well aware of purebred dog breeds, but a select few are aware of hybrid dogs or designer dog breeds. Pit Bulls are one of the most popular crossbred dogs due to their medium stature and incredible genetics.

This article will examine the most insane Pit Bull mixes who are roaming the world today.

1. Pit Bull x Poodle = Pit Boodle 

Number one on our list is the Pit Boodle, a cross between the Poodle and a Pit Bull. A Pit Boodle is also sometimes referred to as Pit Bullpoo.

2. Pit Bull x Dachshund = Dox Bull


Number two on our list is the Dox Bull, a cross between the Dachsund and a Pit Bull. They are also known as Pitwee. The Dachsund Pit Bull mix is indeed an unusual combination, but those who love Daschunds and Pit Bulls seem to love this mixed breed.

3. Pit Bull x Labrador = Pitador

pitador pit bull mix

We have numerous articles on the Pitbull and Labrador mixed dog breed. They are one of the most good looking Pit Bull mixed dog breeds with a great temperament.

4. Shar Pei x Pit Bull = Sharpull

sharpull pitbull mix

Cross a Shar-Pei and Pit Bull, and we get Sharpull, one of the most insane pit bull mixes. We have written in-depth about the Sharpull Terrier before. The Sharpull Terrier is a genetically healthier mixed breed than a purebred Shar-Pei. Thanks to the superior genetic make of a Pit Bull. Sharpull Terriers are one of our favorites in this insane pit bull mixes list.

5. Husky x Pit Bull = Pitsky/Pusky Bull

Pitsky or Pusky Bull

The Husky and Pit Bull mix is often known as Pusky Bull. Some also call them Pitsky. The Pitsky is a gorgeous mixed breed as some dogs inherit the Husky’s blue eyes.

6. Boxer x Pit Bull = Bullboxer Pit/Pitoxer

Bullboxer Pit

Boxer and Pit Bull cross make up the Bullboxer Pit. Bullboxer Pit’s make great family dogs. They can grow slightly larger than a Pit Bull and weigh more depending on the type of Pit Bull used for breeding.

7. Basset Hound x Pit Bull = Basset Bull

Basset Bull

By crossing a Pitbull and the Basset Hound, you get the Basset Bull. Basset Bulls are often short-legged like their Basset Hound parent. Since the Pitbull and Basset Hound are entirely different looking dogs, you never know what you get with the offspring. Basset Hounds are wanderers, so if the Basset bull picks up predominantly the Basset Hound’s genetics, you can expect the same for the offspring.

8. Beagle x Pit Bull = Beagle Bull


Beagle Bull’s are the offspring of a Pit Bull and Beagle cross. The Beagle Bull will only weigh between 30 to 40 pounds as an adult. Watch out; they can howl if they picked up most of their Beagle parent’s genetics. They will also have a higher sense of curiosity like the Beagle and may wander.

9. Blue Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog x Pit Bull = Pit Heeler/Aussie Cattle Pit

Pit Heeler

The Aussie Cattle Pit or the Pit Heeler is a cross between an Australian Cattle Dog and the American Pit Bull Terrier. Australian Cattle Dogs are also called Blue Heelers or Queensland Heelers.

10. Rottweiler x Pit Bull = Pitweiler/Rottbull/Rottie Pit/Bullrott

pitweiler puppy

Pitweiler is a cross between the Rottweiler and the Pit Bull. Thanks to the Rottweiler’s genetics, Pitweiler’s make brilliant guard dogs. Thanks to the Pit Bull’s genetics, they are less prone to many health problems that Rottweiler’s face.

11. German Shepherd x Pit Bull = Pit Shepherd/Perman Bepherd/German Sheppit

insane pit bull mixesPit Shepherd

We have written in-depth about the Perman Bepherd before, which is linked for you to read. The German Shepherd Pit Bull Mix has a short and distinct muzzle like the Pit Bull. They also inherit some of the coat colors from the German Shepherd parent, which is very elegant. The Perman Bepherd definitely makes our insane Pit Bull mixes listing.

12. Bulldog x Pit Bull = Bullypit


Bullypit is the result of crossing a Bulldog with an American Pit Bull Terrier. Bullypit’s share the physique of the Bulldog, and they can be quite intimidating. They are very protective of their human family and require experienced handlers.

13. Golden Retriever x Pit Bull = Golden Pit

Golden Pit, Pibull Golden Retriever Mix

The Golden Pit is a friendly mixed breed created by crossing a Gold Retriever and an American Pit Bull Terrier. Like the Golden Retriever, they are ideal family dogs that get along with children. The Pitbull Golden Retriever mix is a brilliant dog that is easy to train.

14. Great Dane x Pit Bull = Great Danebull

great dane bull

The cross between a Great Dane and the Pit Bull gives us the Great Danebull. Great Danebull’s are often smaller than the Great Dane and resembles a taller Pit Bull. Great Danebull’s are gentle giants, and they make great family dogs.

15. Dalmation x Pit Bull = Pitmatian


Pitmatians are created by crossing a Dalmatian and a Pit Bull. Pitmatians look very much like a Pit Bull, but some dogs will have the signature Dalmatian spots. Pitmatians have a very short and smooth coat like its parents, so they are easy to groom. Dalmatians carry the recessive deafness gene, so that is something to be aware of when cross-breeding these dogs. You can read more in-depth about Pitmatians on the Happy Puppy Site.

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