Interesting Dog Facts

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Amazing Dog facts everyone should know ..

Interesting Dog facts that you may have never heard. Dogs can smell 100 times better than we can. It is interesting to note that the bloodhound hound has the most scent receptors, that is about 300 million receptors and German shepherd comes next in the list with 225 million receptors. Dachshund has the least with only 125 million receptors still better than the human with only 5 million receptors.

Dogs actually have a vomiting center in their brain that allows them to vomit at will. Sometimes dogs will do this purposely to re chew their food for better digestion.

A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a humans. It is true that you can get more diseases from other humans than from kissing a dog. Any bacteria in a dog’s mouth is specific to their species. Notice when the dog licks their wound it heals faster.

Dog saliva is 99% water and 1% mucous. It is interesting to note that human saliva is 98% water and 2% mucous and electrolytes.

Dogs can learn over 300 words, phrases, and commands. The dog is one of the smartest species known to man, it is amazing what working dogs can do such tasks as hunting, guiding and herding.

The olfactory gland (sent gland) in a dog’s brain is the size of a large walnut, while ours is the size of a pea.

Dogs can’t see warm colors except for yellow, but they can see cooler colors including black better than we can.

A dog’s muscles rebuild every 75 days. The human body rebuilds every 15 to 30 days.

Bathing a dog more than once a month may actually dry out his skin. If you give your dog too many showers their skin will flake up and it won’t look as smooth as it destroys the natural oils.

Dogs can hear sounds as high pitched as 100,000 Hz  Dogs can hear even the slightest of sounds even in their sleep which is amazing.

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