Kennel Cough Treatment, Symptoms of Kennel Cough

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Must to Know Facts about Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is also known as Canine Infectious Bronchitis. Luckily  Kennel Cough treatment options are available.  It is a highly contagious respiratory issue caused by the bacteria known as Bordetella. Prevention is better than cure. This proverb not only helpful for the human beings but it is holds true for the animals also. It is your duty to take care of your pet, if you have any of them. Kennel cough could ruin the health of your loving dog to a great extent. However, if you know the kennel cough symptoms then you could detect this disease at an early stage and take necessary steps to cure it. Let us discuss about the kennel cough symptoms in detail.

The most visible and persistent among the kennel cough symptoms is forceful cough. The cough of this kennel cough treatmentdisease is different than the reverse sneezing. However, most of the people take the Kennel cough as the reverse sneezing. Dogs, especially the little ones make cough like sound, more often than not. This is called as reverse sneezing. Dogs reverse sneeze because of the throat irritation. Reverse sneezing is not at all any serious sign but Kennel cough is. The sound of Kennel cough is different than the reverse sneezing. If you minutely observe the sound, then you could easily spot the difference. Here is an example of reverse sneezing.

Example of Reverse Sneeze

Kennel Cough symptoms ..

Kennel cough symptoms include eye discharge, wet nose, and sneezing. Though these symptoms not only found in case of the Kennel cough, but these are must in case of the kennel cough.  In case of the kennel cough, most of the dogs lose their appetite. If you find that your dog is not taking as much food as he usually eats, then you should check him for kennel cough. As dogs take lesser amount of foods, when they are affected by the Kennel cough, so their energy level decreases and that could be detected by the naked eyes.

Kennel Cough Treatment ..

Treatment for kennel cough includes the administration of Tussin DM, it is a sugar and alcohol free  medication and usually half a teaspoon is given to small dogs. After a few hours the Kennel Cough should stop but always follow the doctors guidelines on how much to give for your dog and how long to continue it. Another medication for Kennel Cough is Rikodeine and the dosage for this medication is 1ml per 4kg. You can try this if you want to avoid the vet bill but do not take any chances on a secondary infection. Here is an example video of Kennel Cough affecting dogs.

NOT all coughs are Kennel Cough..

Not all coughs are kennel coughs so it is important to notice the difference if you wish to avoid a vet bill. Coughs can be caused by more serious illness such as Pneumonia due to Blastomycosis which is a fatal problem. So do not rely on most of the information you read on the internet and wait for your dog to get worse.If you find any of the above symptoms in case of your pet, you should take him to a certified physician and check out, whether he is affected by kennel cough or not.

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