Labrabull Breed Information, Pit Bull Labrador Mix

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A Labrabull is a mixed breed created by a Labrador Retriever and an American Pit Bull Terrier. Labrabulls are a favorite among many dog owners, some credit them as “the best dogs ever”. There is even a FaceBook for them called “I love Labrabulls & Pitadors” where tons of people post pictures and hold discussions on this mixed breed. The term Labrabull refers to the mixed offspring that resemble the Labrador Retriever closely. The term Pitador refers to the mixed offspring that resemble the Pit Bulls. This article is for informational purposes and does not support the backyard breeding of these two great breeds of dogs. Instead, I will point out the qualities of these mixed breeds so that you can make decisions on adopting a Labrabull.

Life of a Labrabull Owner

I own a Labrabull and sometimes he owns me but what they say is true, they really are the best dogs ever. I can’t imagine a life without him, he knows my routine, the time I go and come back from work. He will start looking out the window a mile away before I reach home. Their personality is very much like Labrador’s which makes them very family-friendly. They are easy to train and care for, it is unbelievable how obedient and smart these dogs are. They stay close to their owner’s home, I do not even have an electric fence and he still never leaves the grounds. He only weighs about 60 pounds full grown, he is very people friendly so he may attack someone with kisses. I rarely walk him but he gets plenty of exercise running around outdoors, I bathe and groom every 2 weeks or so. His coat is smooth like silk, sometimes I confuse him with a pillow. Did I mention that he loves the snow? You can really get some exercise running around with him in the snow. Life with a dog can’t get any simpler than that, he will eat just about anything but I try to feed him healthy homemade meals whenever I can. He is also on a raw snack diet twice every week where he will get pieces of raw chicken legs, neck bones, chicken backs, etc. He is also on a commercial diet that he loves called Purina SmartBlend Formula.

He is a healthy dog and hasn’t been to the Veterinarian other than to get neutered. I have taken care of all his vaccination needs through local Petco stores. Now that I have shared my own experiences with my Labrabull, I would like to bring up some concerns as well as tips for new Labrabull owners out there.Labrabull

New Labrabull & Pitador Owner Tips

Before getting a Labrabull or a Pitador, you must exercise responsible dog ownership. You should know that they can live up to over 13 years of age and care for them is a commitment. Sometimes you can’t predict how large your Pitador will get as it is a mixed breed but an average determination can be made from the size of their paws as puppies. Some Labrabulls can grow up to 100 pounds or more. A Labrabull and Pitador requires exercise especially if you are planning to keep them in an apartment setting. These are high-energy dogs and they must be walked if you do not have a large backyard for them to run around. They love to fetch and play games like tug-of-war. Like the Pit Bull, some Labrabulls and Pitadors have the tendency to be aggressive toward other dogs thus training and socialization are necessary. You do not have to get them as a puppy to give them good training, they are very intelligent dogs and can learn at any age. Labrabulls and Pitadors are not hard to potty train, you must remember to exercise patience with them during this process. If your dog has an accident, immediately catch them and correct them verbally through a loud tone to show that you are unhappy with them. You should never hit your Labrabull, doing so can bring along a lot of trust issues between you and your canine companion.

Be a Pack Leader to your Labrabull or Pitador

Training is much easier if the Labrabull sees you as the pack leader. This doesn’t mean that you can’t let your dog sleep with you in the same bed or you shouldn’t show any affection towards them. Dog’s like their ancestor’s wolves are pack animals, they sleep and hunt together. Being a pack leader has a whole new meaning, your dog must know that you are in control. Your dog should know that you are the one to make all the rules, he will then eventually learn everything he can and can’t do in his pack. You are a pack leader when your dog knows that he must rely on you for guidance and not the other way around. If you do not set any rules for your dog or are afraid of your dog, he or she can sense this and they will take charge immediately and move up in the pack. Your dog must be the lowest member of your human family and every family member must be made aware of this. Every family member must treat the dog with respect and love and Labrabulls will certainly return the same.

What is your favorite Labrabull Color or Markings?

Thanks to the Pit Bull side of the genes, Labrabulls and Pitadors will come in a variety of coat markings and colors. There is always a favorite Labrabull color for everyone. I personally like the cow patch like the one pictured below on my own dog. I am curious to find out what everyone else thinks so be sure to leave a comment below. At the time of this posting, there are thousands of Labrabulls and Pitadors in your local shelters waiting to be adopted so be sure to save a life today!

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Labrabull & Pitador Picture Gallery

Here are some great pictures donated by the members of the “I Love Labrabulls & Pitadors” Facebook group.

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