Long Haired Chihuahua, Chihuahua Facts

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Long haired Chihuahua dogs are not advised for dog owners in the areas where temperature goes to a low level. If not taken proper care off Chihuahuas can catch cold stress related problems and so on. When it comes to training, sometimes manipulating the dog is very easy. So in order to make the dog understand what the owner means the dog needs to have classes as to what is right and what is not right. Also Chihuahuas tries to be too much cautious towards all unknown people. If this behavior is not checked at a early age then they may end up being aggressive towards all.

Caring for Long haired Chihuahua

Caring of Chihuahuas has a lot of other steps too. There are new pet store where the pets are bathed with specific soap and shampoo based on breed and type. So they need regular washing as to maintain their long hairs or other ways known as coats. Also these pet parlors provide daily grooming process which will enable the pet to be fluffier than normally what it is.Long Haired Chihuahua

Nowadays these long haired Chihuahuas tend to get haircuts like those given to a stallion horse and looks like a replica with only difference as this dog is around forty times smaller than a horse. This not only gives a new look but daily grooming keeps lice and insects off the dogs body. Pet owners take precautions to diseases to the highest level and try to use vaccine and other vitamin injection to improve the dog’s agility to the environment. They try to protect the dog from all sorts of bacteria and viruses which can reduce its looks or health.

As people tend to pamper the long haired Chihuahua as it looks too cute and treat a bit less sternly to things it might have done though the response would have been different for other bigger dogs. This level of pampering from the young age spoils its temperament and behaves badly once it is of older age. So a good pet owner will understand the difference between when to have fun and when to be stern. Now a proper balance will help the Chihuahuas have a proper temperament which is in turn improve its appeal a bit more when compared to other normal dogs.

Long haired Chihuahua Health

Here are a few points to highlight the medical problems which may haunt your little pet. Due veterinary attention must be given to dogs of this breed in dental care and birthing. The Chihuahua may also suffer from severe genetic abnormalities, most of them being neurological in nature such as seizure and epilepsy disorders. There is another dangerous disease which may attack the Chihuahua. It is termed as hydrocephalus and the disease has very noticeable symptoms. The dog suffers with a large head during its early days. The puppy also suffers with skull platelets which are patchy rather than a solid bone .they are very lethargic and the pace of their growth is not the same as their siblings. Chihuahuas have a soft spot in the skulls known as the molera. It is a fact that Chihuahua is the only breed of dog to take birth with an incomplete skull. Though the molera fills in as age of the puppy increases, we must take great care during the first six months till the skull is completely formed. The greatest threat is that most veterinarians do not know with Chihuahua and confuse a molera to be hydrocephalus.

It is a severe case of misdiagnosis according to The Chihuahua Club of America. Low blood sugar and hypoglycemia are other health problems which may affect your Chihuahua pet. And these diseases are extremely dangerous for puppies. Hypoglycemia made lead to fateful coma if left unattended and unnoticed. Chihuahuas have huge eyes. Due to their large, protruding round eyes, and their relatively tiny ground clearance, they are very much prone to eye infections. Trembling is another tendency of Chihuahuas. This is definitely not a health problem. It takes place when the dog is too excited or too stressed. The reason and secret behind this is that small dogs such as the long haired chihuahua have greater metabolism than the larger dogs and they dissipate energy very quickly.