Morkie Puppy, Morkie Information

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Here is some good Morkie puppy information for anyone who are planning on buying Morkies. A Morkie puppy is cross between a Maltese and a Yorkie. They are also known as Yorktese in some places. They make great apartment dogs due to their size. Many people buy a Morkie puppy because they are extremely cute and often don’t realize their level of care. These cuddly puppies may be a little more work compared to bigger dogs when it comes to grooming and training. In this article I wish to provide Morkie information and all of the things specific to this mixed breed.

Morkie Puppy

Morkie Puppy Growth & Looks

Morkie puppies usually do not weigh more than 12 pounds as adults. On average most Morkies do not go past 8 pounds in a lot of households. They are very small dogs which makes them easy to transport. These small breed dogs are often owned by people and celebrities who are always on the move. Morkies are more work unlike our typical dogs when it comes to grooming. They must be brushed everyday to prevent tangles and matting of the hair. They should be bathed and nail clipped at least every 3 weeks. There may be long hairs around the eyes which must be trimmed down for them to see properly. I have posted two pictures here, one Morkie puppy picture and a full grown Morkie picture for your comparison.

Morkie Puppy Health & Nutrition

They can live for 12 years if they are well cared for with adequate nutrition and exercise. Morkies are generally a healthy breed but they are prone to conditions like hypoglycemia or low sugar levels in the blood. You can combat this problem by feeding them spare amounts of food throughout the day. You should feed them a good quality food such as the Orijen Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food. This dog food is a grain free formula that uses chicken, turkey and fish as main ingredients. Feeding this dog food will prevent gluten related allergies and stomach upsets in your Morkie.

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Morkie Temperament & Morkie Training

Full grown Morkie Puppy

Full grown Morkie Dog!

Morkies tend to get along with other dogs. They are not a good dog for kids, not because they are aggressive but because kids can easily hurt them. Morkies are harder to potty train compared to large breed dogs. Owners of this puppy must be consistent with housebreaking. These small breed dogs love attention, they must always be provided with plenty of toys. If they are not stimulated enough, boredom can cause them to be destructive around the house. A Morkie puppy should be taught at least the basic commands such as sit, come and stay. These commands will lay the groundwork for more advanced commands. They can be barkers and you may be able to stop their barking with an advanced command.

Morkies adapt very well to their caretakers. They can develop separation anxiety if their masters are not around for a long time. They are high energy dogs that require a lot of attention. A Morkie loves to bark, you can train them to stop barking or get these humane bark collars to get the job done. Early socialization will do wonders for this dog and will develop confidence in this breed. They love toys and usually finds chasing rolling balls to be amusing. If you wish to have a Morkie wallpaper for your desktop, you can download one here.