New Puppy Checklist

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This new puppy checklist  is for all the canine lovers out there.  Puppies are cute and if you are a dog lover who is considering getting your own dog, you will definitely want to know as much information as possible before you take the big step.  Or maybe your kids are just begging you for a puppy but you don’t want to  make a bad decision.  After all, the dog you bring to your home will be with you for a big chunk of your life.

Before you decide on getting a puppy, you have to ask yourself do you really have what it takes.  New Puppy ChecklistWhether you’re choosing a Yorkshire Terrier or a Great Dane, there are many things you have to consider.

New Puppy Checklist

This content is built to help you decide the little as well as the big things.  You can do things in order.  Start from the very beginning to decide on the dog you like and work your way through to puppy and dog training tips (including housebreaking and house training). You also find some fun articles about dog names and other cool stuff. Remember, the first year of a dog’s life can be very intense and a large majority of people who get a puppy end up giving up the dog.  So read and re-read everything here as it will help you decide on a dog that’s right for you.

We put together a new puppy checklist of good and bad reasons for wanting a dog.  Look these over to see if you want a dog for the right reasons.  After you’re done, be sure to check out the Dog Groups page to see which breed maybe right for you.

Here are 5 awesome reasons for wanting a puppy

Companionship – Dogs make the best of friends

Unconditional love – No matter what, your dog will always love you

Loyalty – Dogs will die for you if they have to

Protection – Dogs will warn you when people get on your property

Joy – There is nothing like coming home to your little bundle of joy

Here are 5 bad reasons for wanting a puppy

Cuteness – A puppy may be cute but it also comes with lots of responsibilities

Child’s request – Don’t expect your children to fully care for the dog like they promised

Masculine Breed – If you want a dog just to look tough, you will probably end up giving him away later

I saw her on TV – Just because a puppy or dog is popular on TV doesn’t make them a right choice

Teach you kids responsibility – there are other ways to teach children to be responsible
If you reasons for getting a puppy dog is listed under the awesome reasons then a puppy will probably be the right choice for you.  If some of your reasons for wanting a puppy is listed under the bad reasons then you may want to reconsider getting a puppy until you have some better reasons.  Based on our experience, individuals who get a dog for the wrong reasons are more than twice as likely to give up the dog at some point.

If you are still interested in getting a puppy, the Dog Groups page is an excellent starting point to decide on which breeds maybe right for you. I hope this new puppy checklist was helpful in answering many of your questions.