Petco Grooming Costs

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Is your dog a Petco pet?Read all about petco and  Petco grooming costs. Petco is everywhere it is your best local Pet store for your pets. I buy most of my dog toys, dog food  and supplies from Petco. The one thing I haven’t tried is their grooming well I did get the nail clipping done once. Their staff is very hardworking people and did a great job with my Cane Corso Mastiff.  After researching a bit  I have decided to write a review on their grooming service as wall as Petco grooming costs.petco grooming costs

Petco grooming costs |  The Basics ..

Their basic package includes ear cleaning, 15 minute brush out, nail trim, scented spritz and bow. They will also take care of your puppy’s first bath so you don’t have to worry about handling the puppy. Their grooming is done according to the type of breed so if the hair needs to be cut they will do so. The Basics will cost $50 for large breeds and $15-20 for small breeds.  Remember these are the average prices, prices can be more or less depending on how bad  each dog’s situation is and how long they went without grooming. These prices are very reasonable and you only have to bring your pets once a month for a good cleanup.  Petco Staff are very friendly and will be with you through each step and welcome you back the next time.

Petco grooming costs | Specific Solutions ..

Petco also provides specific solutions for your pet such as Shed-less Treatment, Flea Relief and odor Elimination. Shed-less treatment involves the Furminator removal of undercoat loose hair along with a unique shampoo to reduce shedding  and finally they will condition with an aloe treatment. Flea relief is basically treating your dog with a medicated flea shampoo and spritz. The odor elimination service requires thorough cleaning which dissolves the doggy smell!

Petco grooming costs | The Extras ..

Extras are a few packages that you can choose from specifically including perfect paws, all ears, nail and ears package and face time. Perfect paws includes the trimming of your dogs nails and they will also moisturize your dogs paws that are cracked and help heal calluses.  This service will also make your dogs brittle nails stronger and as a plus they will include “nail pawlish” that you can choose from.

All ears package includes cleaning out your dogs ears in between the creases and all thoroughly in and out. This is beneficial for your dogs to prevent ear mites and other bacteria. If you wish to have nail clipping and ear package in one, Petco have that as well it is called the Nail & Ears Package. To do your dogs nails alone will run out about $10 which is not bad especially for a tough dog. Face Time is another extra package that includes mouth care and facial which gets rid of dirt and stains through natural exfoliation. It will also hydrate and soothe your dogs face. Face time will also neutralize your dogs bad breath along with removing plaque or tartar.

The mini makeover is done if you wish in between your monthly visits as  a touch up to keep your dogs looking great. This package includes a quick brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, brushing your dogs teeth, spritz and bow.
For discounts you can sign up for a PALS card on your initial visit and bring the card with you every time to earn credit with grooming you purchase. You can also use your PALS card for dog food discounts. The other day I was at petco buying food and I got great deals with the PALS card as much as $5 off on dog foods. When you purchase 8 full service grooms, self service dog washer or full service baths you will get one free. You do not need a receipt for this they can track your visits with your PALS card.  Do you have a  Petco store located near you?  To find your nearest Petco store use the PETCO locater. Do you wish to know about Petco grooming coupons or other wonderful deals  see Petco Coupons. You can also book your summer services early such as the Flea relief and save $5 on your order.

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