Pick Up Dog Poop Easily, Tips On Managing Dog Waste

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I’ve never thought I would write an article on picking up dog poop but we all have have to do some kind of dog waste management. Most of us end up picking up the dog poop so that we can enjoy our backyard. We also do it so that our children doesn’t step in poop and bring it inside the house. People have different ways of going about dog waste management. I would like to share with you how I pick up dog poop easily and dispose of it but first here are some common methods people use to get rid of dog waste.

Baggi’n IT!

Like a lot of dog owners out there, I too used bags to pick up dog poop then turn it outside in and then throw it in the garbage. I used to save shopping bags from grocery shopping just for this purpose. As I grew older and wiser, I realized all of those bags are made of plastic and could harm the environment. The poop in those bags can stay preserved under landfills for quite some time. There are biodegradable bags that you can buy however these can be expensive, although here are some very reasonably priced ones that I’ve found on Amazon such as Gorilla Supply 1000 Count Poop Bags. I used these bags for a while but I didn’t like the idea of tying up poop and putting it in a garbage bag to be picked up every week. I didn’t feel like I was doing the trash man justice, what if one of those bags were to cut open one day. These are the reasons why I gave up on the poop bagging idea real quick.

Pooper Scooper

The pooper scooper has been a handy tool for many dog owners over the years, it is also one of my favorite ways to pick up dog waste. Picking a good scooper can be tricky, you want something that is the correct size for your dog as well as reliable at the same time. You can read all of those Amazon reviews and go crazy trying to make a decision which is why I wanted to share with you my personal favorite Pooper Scooper. We got the Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop, Jumbo, this thing is a life-saver if you got medium – large dogs. No more bending down and picking up yucky poop on warm humid day. It is made sturdy and has the perfect height to pick up poop with out bending down. If you have small dogs, I recommend Jaw Scoop, Medium for your needs. I recommend the medium size for small dogs and jumbo for medium to large dogs as they will have a wider base to pick-up poop that are scattered a little further apart. Read on, to see what I do with dog poop after picking it up with my favorite pooper scooper.

What to do after scooping the poop?

Septic Tank – Many people go about disposing of dog waste in different ways. Some people will get creative and plant one of these Doggie Dooley Septic Tank Style Systems in their backyard. The pro’s of this system include convenience, it is environmentally safe and keeps your yard clean. The negatives of this system are that it cannot be used with heavy sand or clay. It may also not drain properly in some backyards. But if it works for your location, it is indeed a wonderful system.

Trashing It – Most people pick up poop in bags and throw it in regular trash, doing so will harm the environment if you are using regular plastic bags. A way around this is to buy Gorilla Supply 1000 Count Poop Bags, they use EPI (biodegradable technology) which will help the bags break down in soil within 1-2 years. If you are living in an apartment setting this is a good way to go but not the only way.

Flushing It – Then I know some environmental activists who will flush it down their own toilet (which is great, because it will be properly disposed of through the town’s sewer system). However, if you are taking your dog out on a stroll and he or she manages to take a quick dump on the way then what? Don’t worry my environment loving dog owners, you can get Flush Puppies Doodie Bags!; although, it adds a little more cost than getting the Gorilla supply 1000 count bags, it is a great way of getting rid of dog poop. You can easily flush these down your toilet without worrying about it clogging your pipes.

My Choice of Dog Poop Disposal

best dog poop disposal

If you are home owner like myself, then the best way of getting rid of poop is to simply dig a hole in your backyard further away from your home. You don’t want to dig too deep but make the hole wide, 12 inches deep should be sufficient. One decent size hole can take care of 1 month worth of poop for one dog. You are only limited by the size of the hole you dig. This form of dog waste disposal is convenient, cost efficient (no more bags to buy), environmentally friendly and it can also be a good fertilizer over time. I simply pick up the dog poop with my favorite scooper and dump it in the hole, no mess no fuss. When the hole fills up every month cover it up with dirt, let mother earth take care of the rest and dig another hole. If you take your dog for long walks elsewhere, take the poop back in one of the Gorilla bags and throw it in the hole and that is that my wonderful dog parents.

Best Pooper Scooper Review

I hope my article, how to pick up dog poop easily was able to give you some new insight into dog poop management. If you are a dog parent, be sure to check out our face book group @ Mixed & Purebreds.