Pictures of Labrador Retrievers, Newfoundland History

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Labrador Information – Lab Weight, Temperament and Facts

All around the world the Labrador Retriever is one of, if not the most popular breed of dog.  Labs are known for being gentle, loving and affectionate, highly intelligent, easy to train, obedient, trustworthy and great with kids.  There is so much to like about these dogs!  Labs make an ideal pet for many individuals and families. Here I will share pictures of Labrador Retrievers and some good history about them.

Labrador Retriever’s History

Labradors actually hail from Newfoundland, in Canada, not Labrador.  In the 1800s there were many small water dogs in the area which were crossbred with Newfoundlands to help fishermen.  The result was a dog known as the St. John’s Water Dog.  This dog was an early version of the Lab we know today.  As the story goes, the Earl of Malmesbury saw dogs of this type and imported one back to England where it was much admired.  Other St. John’s Water Dogs were imported to England.  Unfortunately, the St. John’s Water Dogs in Newfoundland died out due to a heavy dog tax and quarantine law.

However, the dogs had been interbred with other retrievers, Setters and Spaniels.  They retained their water abilities and added abilities in the field.  Today’s Labrador Retrievers can be traced accurately back to about 1878 when accurate pedigrees and registration were kept.
Cute Labrador Retriever Puppy

Labrador Retriever’s Appearance

The Labrador Retriever is a medium-large sporting dog.  They are strongly built and short-coupled.  They should appear to be athletic and balanced, able to work in the field or in the water.  They have a short, dense, weather-resistant coat that can be yellow, chocolate or black.  The dog’s tail is an “otter” tail, acting as a rudder in the water.  They have a clean-cut head with a broad back skull.  Labs have kind, friendly eyes that should show character, intelligence and good temperament.  Labs should always have a stable temperament.

Labs also have webbed paws which help them in swimming.  They love to swim and excel at any water sport for dogs. Dogs stand 22.5-24.5 (57–62 cm) inches tall at the withers.  Bitches stand 21.5-23.5 (55–60 cm) inches tall.  In working condition dogs weigh 65-80 (29–36 kg) pounds and female dogs weigh 55-70 (25–32 kg) pounds, although pets are apt to weigh more.  This breed is prone to obesity so owners should carefully monitor how much food they are fed and see that they get plenty of exercise.

Pictures of Labrador Retrievers

Here are some beautiful pictures of Labrador Retrievers that I have collected. If you have any other additions please comment below or email them to me to add to the collection. Thank You!