PitBull Presa Canario Mix

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A PitBull Presa Canario mix makes a wonderful guard dog which possess the agility of the Pit Bull Terrier and the strong willed personality of the Perro De Presa Canario. It is not true however that it would create a monster of a dog. Dogs of any breed makes excellent human companions, training however is the key to having a wonderful dog. The PitBull Presa Canario mix is no different from any other dog in terms of personality, they would be the product of their master’s training.

PitBull Presa Canario Mix, Health & Appearance

The Presa Pit Mix is capable of withstanding larger opposition and if trained to protect, will make a fierce guard dog. The life span of a purebred Presa is limited to only 11 years but a Pit Bull can live up to 15 years and is a very healthy breed, this mix will only bring about a stronger and long living dog slightly larger than a PitBull. The PitBull Presa mix can easily weight anywhere from 70-80 pounds and stand 25 inches in height. The coat colors can be brindle, white, fawn or spotted colors, it will be hard to tell depending on the PitBull used for breeding. They look very much like a large Pit Bull with similar muscle tone and strength. See the video below this article from our Canine Owners YouTube channel to see what this mix would look like.

Feeding a Presa and Pit mix requires some knowledge in terms of doggy nutrition. These dogs prefer food that contains mostly meat, raw feeding is recommended along with a good commercial diet to sustain all of the vitamin needs. Purina One SmartBlend formula is one of those foods personally recommended by myself and my Pit Bull Terrier.  The Chicken formula actually has pieces of real chicken in it which dogs love!

The Presa PitBull mix needs daily mental stimulation and can do fine in apartments if taken for walks at least once daily. If you are away from home for up to 8 hours for work be sure to give your dog

pitbull presa canario mix

plenty of toys to play with while you are gone. The best type for a Presa Pit is large raw bones, which gives them hours of enjoyment. Presa Pit doesn’t require much grooming, you can simply brush them every week to minimize shedding.

PitBull Presa Canario Mix & Kids

A Presa Pit mix will get along wonderfully with kids although early training is required for this to happen. An adopted Presa Pit should not be trusted with kids while alone because of their unknown background, this is a mistake many people make. This is why most people say that the dog is not to blame but the handler because all dogs require a strong leader to set the rules for them, when that owner is no longer there you have to make sure the next pack leader is a human that stands above the dog. Once the Presa Pit realizes their place, he or she would make the best guard you could ever own.


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