Pomsky Mixed Breed – Everything About Pomeranian Husky Mixed Dogs

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Pomsky, as the name suggests, is a mixed breed dog or often classified as a designer breed. A Pomsky is a mixed dog breed created by crossing a Pomeranian with a Husky. The Pomsky mix was to keep some of the qualities of a Husky while attaining a smaller size.

Many dog lovers love the Husky dog breed, but many shy away from getting them due to their size, the Pomsky makes up for that void. Some Pomsky dogs look just like a miniature version of the Husky. Due to their compact size, they make excellent apartment dogs. Their small size is a plus because many apartments will not restrict them. They are also very playful with a mild temperament, which makes them excellent family dogs.

Pomeranian Husky Mix Dog Breed Guide

A male Pomeranian X female Husky is used to create the Pompsky mixed dog breed. They generally weigh between 21-32 pounds as adults, and they are active and intelligent dogs. They can be anywhere from 12-17 inches tall. If you intend to keep them in an apartment, please know that that they do require outdoor exercise at least a few times a week. They also require periodic grooming to keep their thick coat nice and smooth. Allergy sufferers may want to watch out for this breed as they do shed from time to time. Pomskies shed their coat approximately twice a year.

Pomsky Training

Please don’t let their adorable looks sway you from establishing pack leader status. A Pomsky should be given some form of basic training as with any dog breed. Commands such as Sit, Stay, Come can be taught pretty quickly, and it can even be life-saving in certain situations.

Pomsky dogs are smart and easy to train, which makes them great candidates for positive reinforcement training. You have to engage a Pomsky into an activity before you can teach them.

Follow these guidelines to start basic training and do these steps at least a few times, so they get the idea.

  1. Grab a treat that your Pomsky loves and give them a tiny piece of it to try first.
  2. Runaway from your Pomsky.
  3. When they follow you to get the treat, say “Good Boy or “Girl” and give them the whole treat (this will engage them into the activity and also teaches them the “happy, rewarding words” now your Pomsky is ready to learn commands!)

There are tons of YouTube videos you can watch for basic dog training tips. I would also suggest that you read the following book: Lucky Dog Lessons by Brandon McMillan.

Pomsky Feeding & Diet Choices

When it comes to feeding your Pomsky, there are tons of choices out there. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to pick out good food from the list of dog foods available. Here I wish to avoid that problem and simplify your choices. Always pick a grain-free formula for your puppy or adult dog. Always buy from a reputable brand, but it doesn’t have to be their premium line of foods. Once a dog food is selected, and your dog or puppy likes it, stick with it! These are two examples of dog foods that contain optimal nutrition required for your Pomsky. These dog foods are made with fish, which is excellent for a Pomsky’s double coat.

Pomsky Adult Dog Foods

Pomsky Puppy Dog Foods

Listed below are some excellent dog food choices for your Pomsky puppy. Have three brands of puppy foods on your list, but start with one. Some puppies may prefer one dog food over the other, so it is wise to allow them to begin with one food then switch to another slowly. You would make the switch by slowly mixing the new brand of dog food with the one you are currently feeding. Too sudden of a diet change can cause them to have an upset stomach. Over time your Pomsky puppy will let you know the food of their choice.

Health Problems Affecting Pomsky Dogs

Pomskies are generally a healthy breed of dogs. They do, however, come with some unpredictability regarding their health as they are a mixed breed. Genetic conditions can be inherited from either a Husky or a Pomeranian. Some of the genetic diseases affecting Pomeranians and Huskies are as follows.

Alopecia-X – Patch of hair loss caused by excessive production of adrenal sex hormones (found in both Huskies and Pomeranians)

Distichiasis –  Abnormal growth of eyelashes (less severe)

Glaucoma – A disease caused by increased pressure in the eyes.

Hip Dysplasia – improper development of hip joints

Pomsky Puppies & Reputable Breeders

When it comes to purchasing a Pomsky puppy, please be sure to go to a reputable breeder. Here is the link to the Pomsky Breeders Association on Facebook, a page that contains a wealth of breeder listings for Pomsky puppies.

pomsky breeders

Pomsky puppies can cost anywhere from $1500 to $3000 depending on specific markings, eye color, etc.  For example, a blue-eyed Pomsky puppy with Husky like markings can go for as much as $4000. Prices may vary from breeder to breeder, but you should always prioritize the health of the puppy more than their looks.

Here are some excellent resources that you can use to assist you with your Pomsky puppy hunt!

Pomsky Puppy Availability

Pomsky Buying Checklist

Pomsky Merchandise for Pomsky Dog Lovers

The Pomsky dog can fit into your life like a missing puzzle piece, no matter what type of lifestyle you are leading. They can adapt to different life situations lead by large or small families.

Children must be taught to respect their canine family members as they can easily hurt a small dog such as the Pomsky and vice versa. Children must be monitored around your Pomsky until they become accustomed to the dog and shows respect towards the dog.

If loved by their owners, a Pomsky become easily attached to them, and they make the perfect apartment dogs. 

Pomsky dogs remind us of miniature wolves and not only that some Pomskies can even howl! Due to their small size, a Pomsky makes an excellent companion dog that can easily travel with you where you go.

Pomskies make very good service dogs and, they are recognized by the United States Service Animals Registration.