Presa Canario for Sale

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So you have seen an advertisement for a Presa Canario for sale, but how much do you really know about this breed? Every breed of dog comes with their own level of care and personality. All dog breeds may not suit an individuals lifestyle. Presa is a very intelligent guardian breed that thrives in a home environment with a fenced in back yard. If taken for daily walks they will also do well in apartments. The Presa Canario needs a dominant owner that will set rules for them, he or she should see humans as their pack leaders. Presa Canario’s would love to have a job to do within the pack it gives them a sense of belonging to the pack.

Presa Canario for Sale, Puppy Ownership

A Presa Canario puppy should be allowed its mother’s milk for the first 2 months as it is best for the puppies to have their mother’s milk for natural and fast growth or else the puppy will have problems later on regarding eating habits and health. Do not rush out to get just any puppy Presa Canario for sale. When you first get your Canario puppies they should be at least 8 weeks of age, dewormed and up to date with vaccinations. My advice is to always get your puppy from a reputable breeder, along with all paper work and a health guarantee. A genetically sound puppy from a reputable breeder is less likely to suffer from health issues such as hip dysplasia down the line.

Feeding your Presa Canario Puppy

When the dog is young that time all it does is eat and sleep. So it is very important that you feed it right (Do not overfeed them). The diet you provide them should be filled with calcium and proteins. There are many commercial puppy foods that are great for your puppy such as the Purina brand.

presa canario for sale

Christopher’s Presa “Onyx”

Keep the timings of feeding as the same everyday – It is important to feed your pup at the same time each and every day as that is best for their stomach. You can also then take them out for potty at the same time every day. Make sure they have fresh water available to them for drinking 24X7.

If your dog eats everything that you provide him then great otherwise you will have to get a little strict with them as some dogs will not eat everything and are too fussy about eating their food. A puppy should be introduced to new foods slowly as sudden changes in diet can upset their stomach.

Cleanliness is an important thing, especially when the puppy’s immunity is picking up – Keep food dishes and water bowls always clean. Do not feed the dog sweet items that are processed as doing so will harm the dog’s health and he may shed lot of hair because of this. Fruits and vegetables such as bananas, apples minus the pits, carrots are safe to feed. Please do thorough research on the human foods that you can safely feed your Presa puppy.

Feeding an Adult Presa Dog

It is also important to feed your dog according to its size and their requirement. For example, a puppy eats less compared to a dog that has grown full in size. A Presa Canario can weigh up to 130 pounds as an adult, females weigh less. An adult Presa should be fed 2 times a day, a decent amount of food or according to the manufacturers food chart.

Adult Presa Canario’s should be given raw meats occasionally for optimal physical and oral health. Chewing on raw bones will help keep their teeth, gums strong and clean. Raw meats can be chicken thighs, wings, backs or other types of meats. You can go to a local butcher shop to get a hold of large raw bones for your dog. Feeding raw bones is perfectly safe as it is the way they are meant to eat in the wild. Raw bones doesn’t splinter like cooked bones do, it is never safe to feed cooked bones to your dog.

Signs of feeding problems

  • If you see your dog eating grass then it means the Dog has an upset stomach or it could matter there is not enough vegetable matter in their diet. Feed him or her right or if it continues then you will have to take them to the Veterinarian.
  • If you see diarrhea after switching foods, stop feeding immediately then go to a bland diet for 2 days of just chicken and rice and then start back slowly. If diarrhea persists, choose another dog food brand and start over with a bland diet; slowly mixing little amount of the new commercial food to the bland diet everyday.
  • If you see that your dog is loosing patches of hair and have skin rashes, avoid gluten containing commercial foods.

Any Presa Canario owner will tell you that their dogs are a joy to own, the Presa like other Mastiff breeds, do not require a lot of grooming or maintenance. You can brush them every week or so and trim their nails if necessary. They do however require stimulation and it is nothing a daily walk can’t fix. They also like to chew on toys and if you provide them with raw bones, Presa’s will concentrate on those for hours. Hope you liked my article on the Perro de Presa Canario, please comment and share your own Presa tips.

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