Puppy Proofing House

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Puppy proofing house for our canine babies is a crucial part of dog ownership. Our household maybe a death trap for your puppy. Young puppies naturally explore everything they come across.  During this exploration process, many household items can become an instant hazard in a split second. If you are looking to keep your puppy dog safe,  read this puppy proof summary for a list of common household items the can cause serious injury.

Puppy Proofing House

puppy proofing house

Electric Cords – Young puppies love to chew on anything they can get their mouth on so keep all electric wires out of reach.  Even if you have to remove some stuff completely until the puppy becomes an adult dog and stops chewing on everything.

Food – Many human foods are not good for dogs. Chocolate is on the top of this list. Keep all chocolate and other human food away from your dog as it can cause diarrhea, vomiting and even death if ingested in a large quantity.

Bones – Never give bone scraps to your puppy or dog as the splinters can cause serious stomach injury.  If you want to give your dog a bone (they do love bones), buy them from the pet shop and make sure they are large enough for your dog so he or she can’t swallow them.

Antifreeze – Antifreeze can be attractive to dogs because of its odor and sweet taste.  Keep it away from your puppy and if you spill any while pouring in into your car for example, wipe it off so your puppy or dog can’t lick it off the floor.

Household Cleaners – Keep all your cleaning agents away from your dog.  Bleach, paint, rat poison, disinfectants are just a few.  Keep everything away.

Plants – Many household plants are toxic to dogs.  Some that can be found in your home are lilies, spider plants, azalea, ivy are just a few that will harm your pup.  Know what plants you have in your home and check to see if they are poisonous to dogs.  You can do a simple search on Google to see if they are. For example, if you have Lilies (and didn’t know if they are poisonous to dogs) you can search Google by writing “Lillie’s and dogs” in the search bar and you will easily find out if they are poisonous for dogs. If you don’t know the type of plants you have at home, it’s best to keep it away.

Grass – If you treat your grass with chemicals, make sure you keep you puppy dog away.   Read the directions carefully to know how long before your pet can get on the grass again.

Personal Items – Keep all small personal items away from curious pups. Items such as jewelry  aspirin bottles, soap bars, pantyhose and cigarette buds can be tempting but deadly for your puppy.

Fireplace – If you have cozy fireplace, keep a screen on it.

Kitchen – The Kitchen can be a hot place! If you are cooking or boiling some water keep your puppy away.  An excited dog can jump up and accidentally knock over these items causing serious injury.

Plastic Bags – Puppies and dogs love to chew on plastic bags but they are a chocking hazard.

Swimming Pools – Keep covers or gates on the swimming pool.  Dogs love to swim but might not be able to get out of the pool.

All of these tips on puppy proofing house should not be taken lightly as 11,000 puppies die every day due to a variety of reasons. We can cut down these numbers greatly by following the above puppy proofing house methods.