Purina One SmartBlend Coupons, SmartBlend Reviews

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Are you looking for a dog food that your dog actually likes? If you are like I and been through many of the products out there without success, it is time to give Purina One SmartBlend a try. I will first review the dog food here and provide Purina One SmartBlend coupons or provide links to cheaper deals. I have always had trouble feeding my Pit Bull Phoenix, a commercial food that she likes until Purina came along.

I have tried many of the tactics that professional dog trainers told me to do to get her to like the food. Still there was no success that’s when I decided to take her with me to the store and let her sniff out what she likes best. The first dog food she sniffed out was the Purina One SmartBlend, perhaps due to the real pieces of chicken inside it. My Pit Bull have always liked chicken and I feed her raw chicken from time to time. Most dogs like dog foods that has chicken as the first ingredient. What attracted me the most was the cost effective price tag of this dog food. At less than $40 dollars, it wasn’t pricey like their other counterparts such as Royal Canin.

Purina One SmartBlend Ingredients

So you may be wondering what Purina One SmartBlend is made up of, the number one ingredient is chicken in the chicken and rice formula and lamb in the lamb and rice formula. They also have turkey and beef formulas as well. As I mentioned earlier, most dogs like the chicken formula the best. You can find it dog food for cheap in many stores such as Petco & Walmart. You can also get Purina one SmartBlend coupons from the Purina website itself from time to time. Purina SmartBlend is a safe formula for your growing puppies or dogs.purina one smartblend coupons

Purina SmartBlend formula is formulated to have the ideal nutrients for your dogs ideal growth. Unlike some dog foods, it doesn’t contain excessive protein which makes puppies grow too fast and have bone problems later. This dog food also contains beneficial nutrients such as Omega-3’s which is best for a dog’s heart and skin. You can also find great sources of bone health supplements such as glucosamine, calcium, vitamin D etc. Best of all, this dog food contains antioxidants which will fight free radicals in your dog’s body. This dog food is made to be highly digestible to quickly absorb into your dog’s body. While making the switch to this dog food, be sure to do so slowly, by adding little bit at a time to the current food that you are feeding your dog. Once your dog gets used to the new food, you can make the switch completely.

Purina One SmartBlend Coupons, Dog Food Costs?

Purina One SmartBlend dog food is one of the least expensive dog foods around. You can find Purina One SmartBlend coupons online or from your local sale papers.  Be sure to follow sites like this one for  Purina One SmartBlend Coupons, livingrichwithcoupons.com. Sometimes you can also find coupons on Purina’s website. If I come across any coupons I will be posting them in this article. Also check out the following site from time to time Printable Coupons. Purina’s thirty-one pound bags usually lasts my dog around 2 months, she is a medium-sized American Pit Bull Terrier. It may not last your dog that long if you have a large breed dog.

You can buy Purina SmartBlend in different bag sizes above, I would buy the smaller bags if you want to test try the dog food. If you are starting your puppies of with Purina, there is a good deal on the puppy formula above, a pack of 6, 4 pounds bags for 35 dollars with free shipping. My American Pit Bull Terrier is now 2 years of age and still eating this dog food without any problems whatsoever. Her energy levels are great and she has a beautiful coat. Make your switch to Purina today and save money.