Separation Anxiety in Puppies

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All about Separation Anxiety in puppies ..

Are you moving from a house to an apartment with your puppy? or Will you be away from your puppy for a long period of time? Whatever your case may be, separation anxiety in puppies can be a major issue for your pet. I am here to tell you that you can indeed make a smooth transition with your puppy and not worry about separation anxiety in puppies. Before we start discussing a problem that is already there let’s first talk about preventing the problem from happening in the first place.

A puppy should be raised with basic obedience from the beginning which enables them to have a connection with its master. You should always treat the puppy like it is a puppy and not a human being, this means not sleeping with him or her on the bed, feeding at the table etc. Do not baby your puppy too much and let the puppy jump on you, when you leave for somewhere simply say stay at the door and leave. If you have multiple members in your family, the puppy will prefer you more as the caretaker but he or she will identify with all the family members according to her perception of their status in the pack. When you are leaving for work etc. she knows to rely on the next pack leader and if he or she is not there the next down the line.

Moving to a new place away from what the puppies are used to and the people they’d identify with causes separation anxiety in puppies. It is stressful for us human beings as well but we just manage it well. If you are moving with a roommate be sure to let the puppy get to know him or her before the move multiple times so that the puppy can make a smooth transition.  Puppies just like kids are learning as they grow and they will get used to this transition but older dogs it is a much different issue when you change their entire world, that’s been theirs for years.

separation anxiety in puppies

Separation Anxiety in puppies and treatment..

Adult dogs can wreck havoc due to separation anxiety, they can soil your house, be destructive or even be aggressive toward the new surroundings. Symptoms of separation anxiety in puppies may include whining, shaking and going in circles. The puppy may even chew at themselves or pace.  In any case please do not punish your dog because this will only make separation anxiety worse.  It is not a good idea to get another dog in this situation as other dogs will see this a weakness and may try to take control of your dog resulting in aggression.To ease this problem with an adult dog before the move the favorite care taker should keep their distance from the dog so that the dog is not so depended and may choose some one else as the pack leader preferably you.  I moved with my dog a year back and he didn’t exhibit separation anxiety as I was the favorite owner and he trusted me. If it is too late for that then be sure to have plenty of toys for your dog, I especially

separation anxiety curerecommend the Kong toy with a treat inside it.  When you move continue doing all the things for your dog that you used to do including taking the dog for walks a set time every day. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise as lack of exercise does add to this problem. If you initially had a schedule to begin with the whole process will be easier and even if you didn’t you and the dog can adjust. Do not stress out yourself because dogs can sense that and add on to their separation anxiety issues.

Medical intervention for Separation Anxiety in puppies…

There are medical treatments for separation anxiety but it is not recommended by the veterinarians till all other methods are used, it is never an only source of treatment. If you are moving with multiple dogs, separation anxiety issues are somewhat at ease because the dog has a companion to identify with even when you the leader  is not there. They will not even be affected too much by a move because their other canine buddy is with them. Remember that separation anxiety is more common in rescued dogs as they are aware of changes that caused them pain and suffering the past. I hope my article helped you and dog with your issues concerning separation anxiety.